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How to Fix a Weak Employer Brand

Author: Shannon Reed

Perspective candidates have access to your employment brand 24/7.  When you recruit for an organization that has a solid and stable brand, it’s a thing of beauty.  Candidates will click away on your website, fill out that application, and even join your talent network.  A good employment brand will pull candidates toward you.  A bad one can turn them off; forever. 




This Sugar Cookie Just Might be Your Key to a Great Hire

Author: Shannon Reed

Whether your preferences lean toward shortbread or gingerbread, this holiday season’s cookie exchange could possibly be the sourcing tool you are looking for. Sourcing “jam sessions” are a newer concept taking shape within organizations that welcome the input of their hiring managers, talent acquisition (TA) professionals, and subject matter experts into the selection process.  And they do it over food.




What’s in Your Staffing Invoice?

Author: Shannon Reed

The cost per hour charged by outside staffing agencies can be shocking if you don’t understand the ingredients that make up that cost recipe.  As staggering as those invoices can be, the reality of where the money is going might surprise you.




RIP, Resume

Author: Shannon Reed

It’s been the calling card of any job seeker.  From the French origin, résumé, meaning “summary,” Leonardo DiVinci is credited as the first one to use such a document when he was seeking a commission in 1482




Drop the Skills and Chill?

Author: Shannon Reed

The Wall Street Journal got people talking last week about a recruiting trend:  downskilling. Coined by Alicia Modestino of Northeastern University, the concepts of downskilling are simple in theory:  lessen the former favored “four-year college degree” and requisite experience to broaden your overall talent pool.




AI and TA - A Threat or Your New Best Friend?

Author: Shannon Reed

What used to be the plot of a futuristic movie or sci-fi novel has now become everyday news.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is nipping at the heels of many professions, offering a faster, more reliable, objective, and nearly perfect methodology for doing the work that human brains have been doing.  No longer is it simply about automation, AI is now being thought of as a “must have” to gain and keep a competitive edge in businesses of all kinds.




Talent Acquisition Comes of Age with its Very Own SHRM Credential

Author: Shannon Reed

As the unique demands of both employers and candidates have evolved, the discipline of Talent Acquisition has shifted from recruiting, a fairly transactional exchange between employer and potential candidate, to that of true Talent Acquisition (TA).  With that change, the role of a TA professional expanded in function to include onboarding, global considerations, analytics, technology and social media. As the role expanded the knowledge and skills required has grown increasingly complex...




(Don’t) Mind the Gap

Author: Shannon Reed

The cadence of a person’s career is perhaps one of the easiest things to identify on a written resume.    Too many moves over a short amount of time has historically been viewed as a “red flag” for consideration along with the infamous “gap in employment” and the complicated reality of job regression.  Talent scouts often assume that hiring managers will point a wary finger at a resume with gaps, short tenures, or job regression and refuse an...

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