ASE Employment Background Checking

Employment Background Checking

Employment Background Checking

Protect your organization from the cost of a bad hire with ASE pre-employment background checking services.  Our system is easy to use with simplified applicant entry and integrates with many ATS systems.

Why do Background Checks with ASE

  • Backed by our HR experts
  • Legally and FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliant
  • Detailed reports
  • Industry specific packages available
  • Educational resources available
  • Legally compliant

Available Background Checking Services:

  • County Civil Record Search
  • Credit Profile
  • Criminal Search (State, County, Federal, International)
  • Federal Civil Record Search
  • Fraud & Abuse Search (FACIS)
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • National & International Employment and Education Search
  • Reference Interview
  • Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Social Security Trace
  • Watch List Search

ASE is a member of the Professional Background Screening Association

ASE Background Screening
Toll Free: 800-353-4500
Fax: 248-223-8046

Reference Checking

ASE offers automated, electronic reference checking. This service allows unlimited reference checks per person at one low price.

Why automate reference checking?

  • Speed up the hiring process
  • Less labor intensive
  • Most checks returned in 24 hours or less
  • Objective – uses competency-based surveys

Save money and time by automating your reference checking process with ASE.

I-9 and E-Verify

Use ASE’s I-9 tool to ensure compliance with I-9 forms.  As mistakes are costly, the ASE tool provides a means to reduce risk and provide consistency in form completion.  Add E-Verify and you will have a one-stop solution for compliance needs.  Easily verify employment eligibility using E-Verify from ASE’s online portal. There is no need to manually input information into the E-Verify website.  Our software integrates seamlessly with the E-Verify process allowing you to work faster and more efficiently.  Streamline the eligibility verification process with E-Verify and the paperwork completion of Form I-9 virtually with ASE’s online tools.

Human Trafficking

If you feel you are a victim of Human Trafficking, click on this link to learn more about your rights as it relates to your background screening report.

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Download ASE's Background Screening Checklist to ensure your screening process is complete.

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