Artificial Intelligence (AI) Resources

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Resources

Best practices and resources for utilizing AI in HR.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Resources

ASE has many resources available to help you be compliant in your use of AI in HR and to guide your employees on safe and secure AI usage.

2024 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Survey

This pulse survey of Michigan employers assesses HR’s usage of AI in organizations.

Sample Policy

Sample AI Policy – Employers should protect their organization with a policy for AI usage within its organization.

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Implementing AI without proper guidelines regulating its use and adoption exposes organizations to risks that negatively impact organizational outcomes. Avoid adverse organizational outcomes by collaborating with organizational leaders to develop responsible AI guiding principles. 

Organizational leaders should work together to create responsible AI guiding principles, ensuring alignment on ethical and legal boundaries for adopting and using AI technologies. HR teams should collaborate with leaders to identify and articulate responsible AI principles that reflect the organization's culture, values, and potential risks. By supporting responsible AI use, organizations can develop effective strategies and policies that allow them to capitalize on opportunities while managing risks effectively.

Guiding Principles include:

  • Accountability
    • All actors must be accountable for the functioning AI system.
  • Fairness & Bias Detection
    • The organization will ensure that any models/systems are fair and free from bias.
  • Data Privacy
    • Privacy values like anonymity, confidentiality, and control will guide the organization’s choice for AI model/system design.
  • Validity & Reliability
    • AI systems need to perform reliably and as expected.
  • Explainability & Transparency
    • All models/systems will provide meaningful information and be transparent and explainable to end users.
  • Safety & Security
    • All models/systems must be resilient, secure, and safe throughout their entire lifecycle.


AI Implementation Preparation Guide for HR
Presented by McLean & Company
Recorded February 21, 2024, watch it here.

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AI Preparation Guide

AI continues to change the way work is done for individuals, organizations, and industries. Use this guide to get ready to prepare for organizational AI implementation. Enable HR teams to proactively prepare for artificial intelligence (AI) implementation with the McLean & Company AI Preparation Guide and HR Gap Analysis tool. 

Download the AI Prep Guide

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