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Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

Reach over 750 ASE member organizations and more than 5,000 individual HR decision makers.

ASE Sponsorships & Advertising

Corporate Sponsorships

ASE offers corporate sponsorships. This is your chance to support ASE in a more comprehensive way. Reach HR decision makers of over 1200 ASE member organizations and thousands of individuals throughout the year and support ASE’s mission to support employers by providing a broad range of information, services, and training that enables their organization to THRIVE.

Event Sponsorships

ASE hosts several major events each year, each offering an opportunity to get in front of hundreds of executives and HR professionals. Our events attract purchasing-level attendees, mostly within the HR and talent development field, who represent various industries.


ASE offers advertising opportunities that allow you to reach executives and HR professionals via Michigan’s most trusted resource for Everything HR - ASE.  Opportunities include e-blasts, webinars, and e-newsletter advertising.

Stretch Your Dollars and Save

Combine any advertising opportunities and event sponsorships to receive the associated discount for that level.

Gold Level

Reach the $8,000 level and receive a 15% discount on your total package.

Silver Level

Reach the $6,000 level and receive a 10% discount on your total package.

Bronze Level

Reach the $4,000 level and receive a 5% discount on your total package.

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