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ASE HR Audit

Assess your organization’s HR practices to find out your strengths and areas that need improvement.

HR Audit

Is your HR function performing at the highest level? 

ASE’s comprehensive and affordable HR assessment service provides an accurate overview of the strengths and needs of your current human resource practices. ASE HR assessment reviews employee handbook legal compliance statements and audits the organization’s personnel files and I-9 forms. Most importantly the assessment we perform will interview HR stakeholders covering eight essential subject categories of the HR practice.

ASE’s comprehensive HR Assessment report includes:

  • A list of needed basic practices in each subject category
  • A list of areas of strength and more importantly areas for development
  • Specific recommendations for addressing the identified policy and practice weaknesses in your organization's HR practices

Whether you are setting up a new HR function or are looking for a detailed analysis of your current HR function, ASE’s HR assessment service is perfect for you. Contact Us today.


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