ASE Preferred HR Partners
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Preferred HR Partners

Preferred HR Partners

Affinity Partners

ASE maintains partnerships with several HR-related providers our members can benefit from. 

Service Partners

ASE has partnered with the following organizations who in conjunction with ASE's consultative services fulfill needs that we know provide a great value to our members. Through these affinities, ASE can provide richer services in these areas. 


ASE has formed an alliance with the HR Certification Institute (HRCI). ASE members receive credits for being employed at a member company and receive discounted exam rates. We also have an HRCI Concierge that can personally answer any certification questions you have. For additional information please contact Linda Olejniczak at 248.223.8027 or visit our HRCI Alliance page.

ASE members have access to executable research and tools from McLean & Company, a leading HR research and advisory firm. Leverage best-practices to save time, cut costs, and initiate and effectively execute HR programs using their project plans, tools, templates, and ready-made training decks that will have a measurable impact on your business.  For more information visit the Employee Engagement and HR Diagnostics pages.

myPolicies is a web-based solution to create, distribute, and manage policies, procedures, and forms. This tool is powered by McLean & Company and includes best practice templates, controlled access, version history, automated distribution, and more. Simplify policies with policy management software and focus on what really matters. For more information contact Mike Burns at 248.223.8039.

Introductory Partners

ASE would like to introduce you to the following partners who offer products or services that benefit the HR Professional. ASE has reviewed each of these organizations and feel their services present a strong value. 


This cloud-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is designed to automate compliance with federal hiring regulations. Arcoro's employee management software and managed services solutions help companies attract and hire top talent, align employee goals with company goals, and create solid onboarding as well as succession plans—all while ensuring full compliance with the latest government regulations. ASE members receive 10% off software and waived set-up fees. Contact Anthony Kaylin at 248-223-8012 for more information.

Burnalong is a corporate wellness platform that features thousands of on-demand and live streaming classes covering fitness, mental health, and financial wellness. Employees also receive social support with free sub-accounts for family members and the ability to take classes live with family or colleagues. ASE members save 5%. Contact Linda Olejniczak to learn more.

ASE has partnered with DirectEmployers to allow ASE members to post available positions for free. The normal price is $25 for a 30-day ad. Your job posting will appear on over 3,000 diversity job boards. 

For more information or to post an ad please contact Anthony Kaylin at 248.223.8012.

EDSI (Educational Data Systems, Inc.) is a national workforce development, talent solutions, and consulting company with a passion for helping great companies and communities train and retain great people. For more information contact Anthony Kaylin at 248.223.8012.

GovDocs is ASE's recommended supplier for federal and state labor law posters, offering ASE members a 15% discount rate (5% nonmembers) on all poster purchases. For more information please visit our Labor Law Posters page.

ASE has partnered with Great Lakes Profiles to offer ProfileXT (PXT).  The PXT assessment measures how well an individual fits specific jobs in your organization. The “job matching” feature of the PXT is unique, enabling you to evaluate an individual relative to the qualities required to successfully perform in a specific job. For more information please visit our Pre-Employment Assessment page.

ASE has partnered with to provide ASE member companies with a supplementary tool to their local hiring initiatives. Employers can post internships, access a student database, and receive expert insight – for free. ASE members can connect with students and graduates throughout the United States wherever they have opportunities.  For more information please contact Anthony Kaylin at 248-223-8012 or get started at 

In every stage of the employee lifecycle, INTOO helps employers protect their brand through effective virtual candidate experience, career development, and outplacement services. INTOO differentiates itself as a provider with unlimited career coaching available 7 days a week for employees at all job levels. To learn how INTOO’s flexible solutions can make a difference for you and your employees and to request a quote, contact them here.

Mastery Training Services is a world-class provider of online learning with courses that address topics such as environmental, health and safety, customer service, communications, and much more.

Learn more.

ASE Members have discounted access Payscale Peer, the industry’s leading on-demand employer-reported compensation tool. This dynamic tool offers members the ability to conduct real-time analysis of thousands of job titles across the globe. First-year members receive Payscale Peer for free. Some exclusions apply. For more information, contact Kevin Marrs at 248-223-8025.

ASE has partnered with Talent Matters to bring its high impact Talent Solutions to ASE member employers at a discounted rate. Talent Matters assists organizations to leverage Harrison Assessment talent analytics to select the right candidate for the right role and to foster mutually beneficial employment relationships. Harrison Assessment analytics can provide uniquely useful insights to onboard, develop, and engage/retain top talent. It provides the predictive and valid insights needed to discern whether a candidate would enjoy and learn rapidly in a specific role and enjoy the organization. Request more information here.

ASE has partnered with Three Sixty Safety to bring workplace safety consulting and training services to ASE members. Three Sixty Safety provides the tools you need to bring safety to the forefront of your organization. Their skilled experts offer a wide range of services that include compliance auditing services, online trainings, and a Mock OSHA Audit. ASE members receive preferred pricing. 

Learn more.

ASE offers courses from Traliant’s HR Library, Legal & Compliance Library, and the Sparks Library. Build a robust training program using full length interactive courses or implementing segments from their series of short, engaging videos designed to raise awareness, spark conversations, and motivate employees to speak up before potential problems become serious workplace issues. Learn more.

Wheelhouse partners with employers to impact the cancer survivorship journey by improving outcomes, reducing costs, and increasing retention and productivity. What makes this program unique is that there is NO COST to the employer until the survivorship benefit is needed. To learn more about what this partnership brings to ASE members, please fill out this form or download this brochure.

Workplace Wellness creates, implements, & fully runs personalized corporate wellness programs for small & midsize businesses as a preventative medicine benefit. With the use of their end-to-end mobile app and a dedicated Workplace Wellness Consultant, companies can offer this robust, engaging wellness program without bogging down their very busy internal resources and still look forward to successful, affordable augmentation.  ASE members receive a 10% discount.  Learn more.

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