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Custom Training

Customized employee training to meet your organization’s unique training and development needs.

Custom Training 

Do you have many employees that need the same training and consistent messaging? ASE can customize any course in our catalog, or create a new one based on your needs, and bring it onsite to your facility. Our custom programs are designed to meet your organization’s unique training and development needs.  Further, your policies, procedures, and organizational culture can be integrated into these programs.

We can customize any ASE course for your organization or create a new one.  Some common custom courses are listed below, but custom training is not limited to those topics. Other popular custom trainings include:

  • Team Building
  • Dealing with Difficult Employees
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Performance Management
  • Having Crucial Conversations

Leadership Training

Improving the quality of leadership is essential because of the immediate impact on employee productivity, and to develop the next level of leaders for the future. 

Leadership Academy 

The Leadership Academy is designed to be offered over a period of months in order to build on skills taught and maximize reinforcement. This series uses a practical, hands-on approach, with in-class application and skill practice. Participants are requested to involve their employees in assignments and participate openly with current and relevant issues.

This series will assist supervisors and managers in:

  • Building and maintaining mutually rewarding relationships with their employees through communication and motivation;
  • Learning to set reasonable and consistent authority lines and create a productive work environment;
  • Delegating and coaching skills;
  • Developing self-management skills including goal setting, prioritizing and decision making; and
  • Improving human relations skills.

All Leadership Academy programs will be customized to your leadership team's needs. This runs 12-16 full days typically scheduled 1x1 per month over 1-2 fiscal years.

Executive Leadership Academy

The Executive Leadership Academy provides a unique opportunity for senior leaders to develop executive leadership skills and reinforce the leadership skills of their direct reports attending The Leadership Academy.  They will be provided with a high-level overview of what their direct reports will review in The Leadership Academy and focus on strategic leadership and build a more cohesive executive team.  

  • Provides a strategic view and accelerated format of the Leadership Academy for the executive level
  • Establishes minimum set expectations and best practices for leadership skills to support organizational “DNA”
  • Builds an organizational common language
  • Provides consistency to reinforce skills to next level managers and supervisors participating in the full Leadership Academy

This academy runs 4-8 full days.

Supervisory Institute

Front-line supervision is an important role in any organization.  Often promoted from within and usually a strong individual contributor and high performer, transitioning into the position of supervising prior peers and learning how to manage vs. doing can be difficult.  This series is designed to provide first-time supervisors with the necessary skills to confidently communicate, discuss performance feedback, resolve conflict and build teams.  

This series is 4-6 full days scheduled every 2-4 weeks.

Developing Influential Leadership (for high potentials)

High potential team members know your business, they are ambitious, others respect them and they work well with others.  A “high-potential employee” is an employee who has been identified as having the potential, ability and aspiration for successive leadership positions within the company and/or the desire to move to more senior individual contributor roles.  

Developing your talent will help your company’s high potentials to stay engaged, stimulated and ready for current and future opportunities.  The curriculum is designed to provide incremental, practical experience and application of skills taught.  

This course consists of 11 full-day training sessions scheduled 4-6 weeks apart.

Compliance Training

Respectful Workplace Training

Whether your organization needs to address harassment, bullying, or other inappropriate workplace misconduct, or wants to proactively teach your team skills & strategies to promote a respectful workplace, or even just satisfy state or local harassment training mandates, ASE customizes the training to meet your needs.  Our respectful workplace training explains legal requirements, workplace realities, and compliance tools in a non-legal, practical, and easy manner.

Management Best Practices and Legal Compliance Training

Many managers were promoted into supervisory positions without having been taught the legal risks inherent in their new position or the best practices to easily comply with the laws and be an effective leader.  ASE’s variety of legal compliance training classes for supervisors, managers, HR professionals, and executives teaches both best practices and potential legal liability recognition to ensure that your organization’s managers are leading effectively and in compliance with laws. Custom training on the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) teaches HR professionals how to properly and quickly administer those laws. Recognizing employee complaints and conducting compliant and effective workplace investigations, as well as what to do with the results, is another important skill for HR professionals and managers.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training & Consultation

Today diversity training has taken on greater significance within organizations.  ASE provides Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training and education to help foster an inclusive, welcoming, and equitable culture.  Training and educational workshops and sessions can be facilitated for the entire workforce including management and non-management personnel.  We also provide consultation, guidance, and expertise on the development and implementation of a DEI strategy and strategic communication planning.  Services may include but are not limited to, strategy planning, facilitated consultation sessions, and plan development/implementation. Scope will also include on-demand/ad hoc consultation for situations such as strategic approaches, overcoming barriers, and providing support as they arise around the DEI strategy and process.  

Communications Training

ASE provides a full scope of communication training from written to oral skills based training.  We offer writing skills training that includes instruction on creating effective emails, memos, reports, and everything in between.  Your customized communications course can also include how to conduct effective discussions and create engaging presentations.

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