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HR principles, HR teams, human resource management training & HR courses offered for many HR topicsAt the heart of the ASE training program and HR practices is the open enrollment system, offering over 75 distinct courses for HR professionals, with courses spanning a wide array of disciplines. What makes ASE stand out is not only the sheer variety of HR and employee training courses available but its affiliations with other HR professional organizations; being the sole HRCI provider in Southeast Michigan, and more. Most ASE courses earn HRCI and SHRM recertification courses. Especially noteworthy is the fact that ASE also accommodates the changing landscape of learning by offering its courses both in-person and virtually.


These courses are specifically designed keeping the global HR professionals standards in mind, whether you're looking to improve employee relations for your company, or looking for certificate programs for you and your employees' career advancement. We design our course models to ensure that learners remain at the forefront of their respective industries making it one of the best training programs available.

For budding leaders, the Principles and Practices of Supervision I and II are must-attends. These courses cover real-life leadership training and are not mere theoretical modules but are, in fact, strategic programs tailored to arm upcoming leaders with essential supervisory skills. Delving deeper, ASE's courses on business writing, communication, conflict resolution, Microsoft training, administrative human resources, employee performance, stress management, and HR essentials are not just academic courses; they're career enhancement tools. These courses not only impart knowledge but also instill confidence in HR professionals and their employees to take on challenges head-on.

It's not just about quantity but the quality and relevance of the courses that make ASE a preferred choice for employee training & development.

ASE Certifications

To help your organization improve employee performance, we offer certification programs in the seven disciplines critical to success in today’s diverse, global workplace. Each certification curriculum is flexible, comprising a combination of core and elective courses. This enables your employees to select the topics most helpful for their job requirements. The introduction of micro-certifications like compliance, compensation, employee relations, HR management, and even talent management and acquisition showcases ASE's adaptability to the changing professional landscape. These certification programs aren't mere courses; they are targeted learning tools for those who want depth in a specific domain, making it one of the best HR training programs available. For instance, the Compensation Micro-Certification is an immersive certificate program that delves deep into compensation program development, ensuring that learners are equipped with comprehensive knowledge that's actionable.

  • ASE's array of certifications, from broad-based to niche (micro-certifications), showcases its comprehensive approach to professional development programs

  • Such certifications not only enhance skills but also provide professionals with credentials that underscore their expertise

  • Many of the courses qualify for CEU credit, bolstering your resume and knowledge

Certification Curriculums


  • Compensation
  • Employer Compliance
  • Talent Acquisition

Full Certifications

  • HR Generalist
  • Leadership
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Customer Service

To get started on a certification curriculum to suit your needs, contact us today.

Custom Employee Training

Custom training allows the class material to be customized for your organization and provide solutions to real, existing problems.Understanding that no two organizations are the same, ASE emphasizes customization, ensuring that our training programs align with an organization's unique goals, culture, and challenges. Custom training is about more than just flexibility; it's about addressing the unique requirements of an organization. ASE recognizes the fact that businesses today need to have a competitive edge, which can only be gained through tailor-made solutions. Whether it's a large conglomerate or a budding startup, ASE's Leadership Academy, Executive Leadership Academy, and other HR training courses are sculpted to perfection.

  • Recognizing the evolving sales landscape, ASE's Sales Academy addresses modern challenges, ensuring sales professionals are equipped to navigate the digital age's nuances
  • The Leadership Academy is intensive, hands-on, and reflective of real-world business scenarios

  • Any class in our catalog can be customized and brought to your site

In an era where 'one-size-fits-all' no longer holds any significant value, this is ASE’s commitment to providing human resources training that resonates. Additionally, issues such as sexual harassment, civil workplaces, strategic thinking, and workplace communication are not generic subjects. By customizing training programs around these subjects, ASE ensures that the training remains relevant and immediately actionable.

Leadership Coaching

While traditional team training modules are effective, there’s a growing need for personalized coaching for business partners to take the right training course at their own pace. The success stories of high-performing individuals often have a common denominator: a coach. ASE acknowledges this by offering a range of personalized coaching services which are fine-tuned to an individual’s position, objectives, and even personality helping any team teach employees and turn them into seasoned professionals.

  • ASE accentuates the importance of coaching in professional growth. From addressing performance issues to refining leadership capabilities, ASE's coaching is personalized and outcome-oriented to ensure we deliver the right course for the right need

  • The dichotomy of individual and group coaching ensures a holistic development approach to educational platforms

  • ASE believes in nurturing leadership qualities, evident from its specialized courses for new leaders and custom leadership programs

  • Recognizing that leaders come in various forms, ASE offers targeted course modules for supervisory roles to executive leadership

Group Leadership Development

ASE believes in the holistic development of an individual within the organization. Thus, alongside the one-on-one coaching, we’ve introduced group development, which is an ingenious blend of both team training, business management and development, and personal coaching performance management.

This approach ensures that while teams are trained collectively, individual needs and challenges don’t go unnoticed.

On-Demand Training

Online courses for human resources training for HR professionals and other topics relevant to all employees.In a digital age, on-demand training offers unparalleled convenience. ASE, in collaboration with multiple partners, has launched an array of pre-recorded, video lectures, concise courses in areas ranging from HR compliance to health and safety to various human resources courses and other human resource training itself. These aren’t just courses; they are tools for continuous learning, designed for the modern professional who values both time and quality.

ASE's on-demand training modules signify the recognition of the digital era, ensuring learning isn't confined to a classroom. This modality of HR training program offers flexibility and flexible learning structure, making continuous online learning platform more feasible.

PHR®/SPHR®/SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP Certification Study Courses

In the competitive world of various online HR training courses, ASE’s partnership with Catapult offers an edge to professionals aiming for PHR®, SPHR®, SHRM-CP, and SHRM-SCP certifications. The beauty of these courses lies in their adaptability. Beyond just certifications, these courses are a testament to an individual’s commitment to excellence. And for organizations, it's an opportunity to elevate their own HR skills and practices, keeping them aligned with global standards.

By redefining training continuing education courses and professional development programs, ASE stands as a beacon of excellence, continuously evolving to meet the demands of a dynamic professional world. Through its myriad of courses, certifications, HR training programs, employee training & development, and coaching programs, it not only imparts knowledge but cultivates leaders and visionaries of tomorrow.

Charting the Future of Professional Development

ASE training program HR resources help HR professionals get to the top of their gameFor ASE, empowering professionals isn't just about offering a course or certification—it's about envisioning a brighter, more informed future for every individual and organization it touches. This vision is reflected in the thoughtfully curated training programs, downloadable resources and the emphasis on customization and individual growth.

The versatility and expansiveness of ASE's offerings cater to not just the present needs experienced hr professionals, but also anticipate future trends. With the ever-evolving business landscape, needs change, technologies advance, and methodologies adapt. In such a dynamic environment, ASE remains committed to ensuring that professionals aren't left behind, but instead, are always a step ahead.

Training to Excel

Every course, every coaching session, and every certification is not just a learning experience but a pledge to excellence. The meticulously crafted modules ensure that each participant doesn't just gain knowledge but assimilates skills that become second nature, giving them the confidence to tackle challenges and spearhead innovations.

The overarching philosophy at ASE is one of continuous evolution. They don't just adapt to change—they anticipate it. By doing so, they ensure that the professionals and organizations that rely on them aren't just reacting to industry shifts but are leading them. It's this forward-thinking approach that has established ASE as a leader in professional training and development.

Summary of HR Training & Certification

In conclusion, ASE embodies more than just a training institute; it's a movement towards a smarter, more proficient, and highly adaptive professional world. As the challenges of tomorrow loom large, ASE's commitment to excellence ensures that every professional it nurtures is not just ready to face them but is equipped to turn them into opportunities for growth and innovation.

In essence, ASE offers a multi-faceted, comprehensive suite of professional development opportunities. Catering to diverse needs, from the best in HR courses to soft skills training for all levels of employees, ASE is committed to fostering growth, enhancing skills, and building future-ready leaders. Whether you're an individual aiming to climb the corporate ladder or an organization keen on upskilling its workforce, ASE seems poised to be your go-to partner for training and development.

By investing in ASE's human resources and wide array of certified professional development opportunities, professionals and organizations alike are not only ensuring their present growth but are also charting a trajectory for a brighter, more accomplished future. 

Contact us today to discuss your training & development goals and objectives in order find the perfect solution that fits your needs.

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