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Workplace Wellness Resources

Resources helpful in building a workplace wellness and well-being program

Workplace Wellness

A well-rounded employee wellness program can help your employees THRIVE.  ASE has curated resources helpful in establishing or enhancing your workplace wellness program.  The five main components of a well-rounded wellness and well-being program include:

  • Physical
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Financial
  • Environmental

There are three main types of wellness programs:   

  • Participatory wellness programs, which are generally available without regard to an individual’s health status and do not offer any reward based on satisfying a health-related standard.
  • Activity-only wellness programs, which require an individual to perform or complete a health-related activity to obtain a reward.
  • Outcome-based wellness programs, which require an individual to attain or maintain a specific health outcome in order to obtain a reward.

When part of an employer sponsored group health plan, wellness programs are subject to certain federal requirements

For tips on starting a wellness program in your organization, download this Getting Your Program Started tip sheet:


Mental Health Resources

Download a Mental Health Toolkit from 

Mental Heath Toolkit

Download a Mental Health Toolkit from Mental Health America.

Mental Heath Toolkit

Download a "Mental Health at Work: What Can I Do?” poster from the Office of Disability Employment Policy and the U.S. Department of Labor.

Mental Health at Work: What Can I Do Poster

The state of Michigan and MDHHS offer many resources for both employers and employees dealing with mental health issues.

Michigan Mental Health Resources

Michigan StayWell Counseling

MDHHS - For Adults Recovering From the Emotional Toll of The COVID-19 Disaster


Beating Burnout at Work Infographic

988 Crisis Hotline Infographic

Supporting Mental Health in the U.S. Workforce Infographic


Cancer Costs More Than You Know: Beyond Treatment to Workforce Retention & Productivity

May 19, 2023 

Cancer is now the number one driver of healthcare costs for employers. The costs go beyond simply treating cancer, as employers also need to understand cancer survivorship's impact. In this webinar, you'll discover the reality that you may already experience with cancer survivors reentering the workforce and how HR leaders can be prepared to increase productivity and improve retention with this growing population.

This webinar was presented by ASE’s new partner, Wheelhouse. Wheelhouse partners with employers to impact the cancer journey by improving outcomes, reducing costs, and increasing retention and productivity. With over 20 years in the oncology field, they know firsthand how cancer survivors get lost in the workforce, and they have the tools needed to help them THRIVE.

Reengaging a Disconnected Workforce Through Wellness

June 1, 2023 

What is a disengaged employee? It is much more than we all think. Common characteristics of disengagement include:

  • Withdrawal
  • Poor communication
  • Absenteeism/Tardiness
  • Exhaustion
  • Lack of participation
  • Unhealthy behaviors

The problem we’re facing is finding a solution for it all. The answer is not black & white nor is it quick to solve. However, prioritizing the health & wellness of your employees is not only a good start, but a long-term solution with an ROI!

But why? Remember when you were at your best self physically, mentally, socially, & spiritually as an individual? How were you at your job? How was your relationship with your coworkers in comparison? The answer to these questions is probably the same as how you felt…the BEST!

ASE’s new partner, Workplace Wellness, takes you through case studies on how their custom, holistic, inclusive, & hands-on wellness programs have been successful in the workplace. Moreover, they provide you with ways you can implement this in your organization to improve overall employee engagement for better productivity, motivation, & conflict management.


Health & Wellness Preferred Partners

ASE has partnered with the following organizations to offer health & wellness resources ASE members at a reduced rate.


ASE members have access to a 5% discount to BurnAlong for employee wellness programming. BurnAlong features thousands of on-demand and live streaming classes covering fitness, mental health, and financial wellness. Employees also receive social support with free sub-accounts for family members and the ability to take classes live with family or colleagues. 

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ASE welcomes Wheelhouse as our newest HR Preferred Partner. ASE has partnered with Wheelhouse to bring CancerAlly to ASE member employers. Approximately 855,000 American workers will receive a devastating cancer diagnosis in 2023. This represents 45% of all cancer diagnoses in the United States. If you haven't already, you will likely employ a cancer survivor soon. 

Wheelhouse partners with employers to impact the cancer survivorship journey by improving outcomes, reducing costs, and increasing retention and productivity.

What makes this program unique is that there is NO COST to the employer until the survivorship benefit is needed. When the benefit is activated, ASE members save 10%.

By aligning with Wheelhouse you'll get:

  • Educational cancer prevention webinars throughout the year
  • Cancer education newsletters for HR and your employees

The Survivor Program includes:

  • Bi-Monthly sessions with a CancerAlly (someone who is already a cancer survivor) who uses evidence-based strategies to help your employees THRIVE. 
  • Tailored screening programs for cancer survivors
  • Return-to-work plan, created by partnering with the employer and survivor to benefit them both.

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Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness creates, implements, & fully runs personalized corporate wellness programs for small & midsize businesses as a preventative medicine benefit. With the use of their end-to-end mobile app and a dedicated Workplace Wellness Consultant, companies can offer this robust, engaging wellness program without bogging down their very busy internal resources and still look forward to successful augmentation.

Together, through their personalized wellness program, you can create a happier, healthier workplace!

Virtual & Onsite Services:

  • Dedicated Wellness Coach/Consultant
  • Employee Surveys & Assessments
  • Company Competitions
  • One-on-One Employee Wellness Consultations
  • Group Virtual or Onsite Wellness Seminars
  • Group Virtual or Onsite Wellness Events
  • Wellness Program Promotions
  • Company Wellness Fair
  • Others Relevant Offerings Upon Request

Mobile & Tablet App Resources:

  • Join Company Competitions
  • Track Calories & Overall Nutrition Info
  • Hundreds of Premade Recipes
  • All Levels of Workout Plans with Thousands of Exercise Options
  • Various Types of Fitness Classes
  • Immediate Mindful Breathing Techniques
  • Ways to Manage/Reduce Stress
  • Mental Break Suggestions
  • Daily Lifestyle Tools & Assessments
  • Several Wellness Tips & Blogs

ASE Members receive a 10% discount on all Workplace Wellness programs.

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