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ASE Employee Handbook Services

Communicate your employment policies, procedures, benefits, and compensation programs in an efficient and compliant manner with ASE handbook services and tools.

ASE Employee Handbook Services

Protect your organization in today’s legally charged employment atmosphere with an effective employee handbook. Unwritten and uncommunicated policies lead to inconsistent and arbitrary treatment of employees which, in turn, can lead to employment discrimination complaints, poor employee relations, and even the potential threat of unionization at your organization.


ASE’s employee handbook review and update service provides a thorough review of your organization’s handbook looking at

  • Legal Compliance
  • Content and Inventory of Policies
  • Layout and User-Friendliness of Document

Recommendations are made to update and edit text for compliance and clarity purposes. Additionally, if there are any missing standard policies, ASE will provide sample text to use and customize to your organization’s policies and practices.

Handbook development

ASE’s handbook development service will help you construct an effective handbook that introduces your organization and business philosophy to your employees and also communicates your employment policies, procedures, benefits, and compensation programs.

ASE’s Handbook Development service includes: 

  • Ensuring the handbook contains all necessary and updated legal notices and disclaimers 
  • Avoiding conflicting policy statements that cause confusion and may lead to legal challenges
  • Recommending a complete set of policy statements that positively presents your organization to its employees 
  • Developing reader-friendly language to explain your policies and procedures
  • Designing a straightforward layout that facilitates reader-friendliness and ease of future editing

Member Online Resources

Zywave HR Services Suite

Build custom employee handbooks in minutes, regardless of location or company details. With the Zywave Employer Handbook Builder, you can:

  • Promote compliance by using federal- and state-specific policies and adding any custom policies specific to your business.
  • Manage existing handbooks to make minor revisions to policies or duplicate a handbook so you don’t have to start from scratch.
  • Add multiple states to a single handbook and add a Spanish translation to create the most accurate and engaging handbook that can be branded to your organization.

ASE members can access Zywave via the ASE Member Dashboard.

CCH AnswersNow

An employee handbook is a great way to communicate work policies to employees, However, it's extremely important to follow certain guidelines when creating a handbook in order to avoid inadvertently creating an employment contract. A sample employee handbook outline is available in CCH HRAnswersNow along with sample policies for each section.

ASE members can access CCH via the ASE Member Dashboard.

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Download a Checklist

Download ASE's Employee Handbook Checklist to ensure your handbook has the necessary policies.


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