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Why an ASE Membership Will Change How You HR

The Role of HR in Today’s Organizations

ASE Online provides human resource consulting, resources, tools, development, for companies and the HR consultant

HR representatives are the backbone of any organization, fostering a dynamic environment that attracts and retains top talent. They play a pivotal role in shaping and guiding the heart of an organization - its people. Balancing multiple responsibilities, they are expected to ensure that companies thrive amidst challenges of all kinds. They're expected to provide advice, improve employee communication, discuss compensation, administer benefits, monitor employment levels and run recruitment, design and enforce company procedures and policies, play both the good cop to employees and the bad cop for the company. And yet, HR consultants often lack a comprehensive toolset to streamline their human resource tasks. What if there was a tool that made these responsibilities simpler and elevated the performance management of the entire HR department?

The Daily Challenges HR Faces

Every day, HR juggles various tasks that go beyond just hiring and firing. From ensuring compliance to helping the company grow, from human capital management of resources to recruiting new talent to keep the organization vibrant, it's never a dull day. Each of these tasks requires deep insight, strategy, and an understanding of both the company’s and the employees' needs. Setting competitive compensation, dealing with payroll, handling employee requests and issues, analysis and crafting strategies for developing and retaining talent, and anticipating legal challenges are par for the course.

They're a human resources consultant within your own organization. With the evolving corporate landscape and emerging technologies, how does HR keep up? Sound familiar? What if there's a way to streamline these tasks and stay ahead?

The ASE Membership: A Solution for the HR Specialist

Enter the ASE Membership. It's like having an HR toolkit right at your fingertips, designed with modern challenges in mind. Centralized HR is not just a fancy term; it's your key to unlocking efficiency and ensuring that every decision is backed by data and best practices. For instance, the Zywave HR Services Suite updates your employee handbook seamlessly, ensuring you never miss out on new regulations, procedures, or industry shifts.

HR consultant focus on payroll, compensation, consulting for companies and other consultantsWith the CCH Answers Now database, keeping up with compliance becomes a breeze, transforming a typically cumbersome HR consulting process. And for deeper insights on topics like culture and engagement, the McLean & Company database is invaluable, acting as your compass in the vast sea of Human Resource strategy.

Introducing ASE: Your Partner for Everything HR

ASE isn't just another platform for hire; it's a trusted Human Resources consultancy partner, renowned for its rich legacy and commitment to excellence. Built on the foundation of member needs, it's a non-profit powerhouse that's geared to make Human Resources departments robust and responsive. From recruitment to retention to employee relations, ASE promises minimized compliance risk, ensuring that you’re always one step ahead of potential pitfalls. And in times of crises, like the COVID-19 pandemic, guidance is just a call away, ensuring you have a trusted advisor during turbulent times.

Access to Our Industry Benchmark Data

Access to our survey data offers a treasure trove of insights pivotal for the contemporary Human Resources organization. By delving deep into this data, we can directly tap into the collective pulse of multiple workforces, allowing for decisions rooted in real-time perspectives rather than outdated assumptions. The data aids in reducing the perplexity of certain Human Resources decisions by providing clear patterns and trends, making ambiguity a thing of the past. Essentially, having this data at our fingertips ensures our HR consulting strategies remain proactive, adaptive, and most importantly, relevant.

Arming ourselves with data from ASE's specialized benchmarking surveys paves the way for unparalleled decision-making precision for the HR consultant. These surveys span a comprehensive range of areas crucial for employers - from compensation rates and benefit offerings to employment policies and industry best practices. The depth of this data, with specifics on over 480 job titles across 36 job families, offers a unique lens to understand and navigate the intricacies of roles from Accounting to IT and is invaluable to any human resources consultant.

Beyond compensation, ASE's insights into employee policies, benefits, and welfare programs, encompassing aspects from turnover rates to medical premiums, empower us to tailor our HR strategies with unmatched specificity. Additionally, the Payscale Peer tool boosts our consulting competitive edge by facilitating real-time compensation analysis on a global scale. Leveraging such robust, employer-reported data ensures that an HR consultant remains both informed and aligned with the latest human resource consulting benchmarks.

Personalized Support: The ASE HR Hotline

An ASE membership guarantees you unrestricted access to both email and phone support, ensuring prompt and expert assistance for all your HR inquiries. Our team of seasoned professionals at ASE is dedicated to offering comprehensive guidance, along with top-tier best practice recommendations. Whether you require specific advice or seek a reliable "sounding board" for your HR concerns, we are here to provide timely and effective solutions tailored to your needs. Experience the advantage of having an unparalleled resource for navigating HR challenges – the ASE HR Hotline.

Diving Deeper: The Zywave HR Services Suite

This isn't just any library or HR consulting service. It's a 24/7/365 robust resource with Human Resources apps, handbook builders, and a wealth of content tailored to the needs of modern HR consultants. Need an interview builder or the latest HR support notices? It's all here. The Suite also ensures that you are equipped with the latest tools to not only manage but also innovate in your own HR processes and practices, compensation programs, payroll administration, and more, setting industry benchmarks that help to implement solutions.

Compliance Made Simple: CCH AnswersNow

Improve your Human Resources consulting and stay ahead with federal, state, and international employment law updates, crucial in our increasingly globalized business world. With templates, training decks, and comprehensive databases, CCH AnswersNow ensures you're always compliant, minus the stress, effectively eliminating the daunting challenge of navigating the ever-shifting sands of legal regulations that impact your Human Resource department.

McLean & Company Database: Transforming HR

Human Resources is an ever-evolving field, and the McLean & Company database ensures you're ahead of the curve. Beyond just insights and analysis for businesses, it offers actionable strategies and tools for the HR professional. From project management teams to plans to training decks, it’s all designed to positively impact your business management, services, and benefits for all employees.

This means not only addressing immediate human resource or personnel concerns, but also anticipating other issues and future challenges, while providing invaluable expertise and advice in setting and the development of long-term strategies for business success.

The Power of Networking: Circle of Peers Hubs

Networking isn't just about business cards. ASE's Circle of Peers Hubs offer genuine connections, fostering mutual learning in a confidential environment for all HR consultants. In an era where collaboration is key, these hubs are more than just networking opportunities; they’re think-tanks that drive industry innovation and best practices, ensuring that you’re always in sync with the industry pulse.

Whether you're dealing with performance management, benefits, compensation programs, payroll, management, job descriptions or coming up with a best practice on how to hire and fire, those in your circle with their own expertise will become the sounding blocks to bounce ideas around, see what's worked and not worked in other industries and get validation for your ideas.

When it comes to human resources, there's no better way to validate an idea, than to consult other HR consultants that have tried it before. HR functions because of you, and the company in turn runs smoothly because of management and Human Resources helping employees stay happy and productive.

Consultants benefit themselves and their companies with constant improvement and continued educationHRCI Credits and the Value of Continued Education

Staying updated in Human Resources ever-changing role is vital to an HR professional's success, and ASE ensures you get the best with a commitment to continual learning. With up to 9 HRCI credits per cycle and discounted exam rates, professional development becomes an integral part of your HR consulting journey. Any queries? The HRCI Concierge is at your service, ensuring that you never feel lost in the maze of Human Resource consulting advancement.

With the added benefit of earning CE credits, you can help build your own internal performance management plan, which can aid in your next raise or promotion. So many times, an HR consultant is so focused on the company employee relations, that they forget their own career planning. We are here to help both you and your business.

In addition, ASE offers over 80 unique employee development courses, held both in-person and virtually - most of which offer HRCI or SHRM recertification credits. ASE members save an average of 20% with exclusive member pricing.

Additional Benefits: Discounts on ASE Consulting Services

Beyond the exclusive membership benefits, ASE members enjoy discounts on numerous ASE services, a testament to ASE’s commitment to offering holistic support. In many cases, the discount alone justifies the membership, making it a win-win for small businesses, and organizations.

Whether it’s business training, staffing for companies, building HR programs, writing a job description, HR consulting, or a unique business HR function, ASE ensures you have access to the best human resource expertise without breaking the bank for companies.

Conclusion: Why ASE Membership is a Game Changer for HR

The world of HR is complex, but with an ASE Membership, complexities are transformed into opportunities. With a plethora of tools, human resource programs, insights, and benefits, HR professionals are not just equipped to manage but to lead and innovate their company's human resource consulting services.

It's time to redefine how you HR, and focus on embracing a future where Human Resource services is not just a function but a strategic partner in organizational growth.

HR Consulting FAQs

What is an ASE Membership?

The ASE Membership is a comprehensive suite of tools and resources designed to empower HR professionals in their daily tasks and strategic decisions for any HR function.

Is an ASE membership for an individual or an organization?

An ASE membership encompasses the entire organization. One membership serves all employees.

How does the Zywave HR Services Suite differ from other tools?

The suite offers a 24/7/365 robust resource with numerous HR applications, including a handbook builder and an HR content library, tailored for modern companies with modern HR challenges.

Can ASE help with legal compliance challenges?

Absolutely! With resources like the CCH Answers Now database and our HR Hotline, ASE ensures that HR professionals stay updated on the latest compliance regulations, making compliance a strategic advantage for businesses, rather than a challenge they need to focus on.

Is ASE only for Michigan-based organizations?

ASE's resources and insights are invaluable for HR departments globally, given the universal nature of Human Resource consulting and many HR challenges. Our 1,000+ members have facilities and employees across 48 states. Member resource tools encompass HR laws and regulations at the international, national, state, and local levels.

What's the benefit of joining an ASE Circle of Peers Hubs?

The hubs allow for genuine networking and collaboration for the HR consultant, providing a confidential and supportive learning environment where best practices are shared and industry HR consulting challenges are collaboratively addressed.

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