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Selection & Development Services

Our Selection & Development Services and testing is unlike simple pre-hire assessments. You gain rich, behavioral data across the employee lifecycle, so you can move quickly on top-scoring candidates.

Selection & Development Services

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Our Selection & Development Services are unlike simple pre-hire assessments. You gain rich, behavioral data across the employee lifecycle, so you can move quickly on top-scoring candidates. In addition, these are easy-to-understand assessment reports highlighting overall scores, trait overviews, detailed insights, follow-up interview questions, and coaching suggestions.

Testing is available for over 800 job profiles including hourly, professionals, and leadership. Save time and ensure that only the most qualified candidates advance in the hiring process and benefit from our Selection & Development Services, when you consider adding them to your hiring toolbox. Ultimately, it will save you a lot of headaches when you let us tailor the testing to your needs!

Employee Assessment Reports

The Employee Assessment Reports are detailed, and in-depth, providing detailed information on your candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Harrison Assessment

Harrison is a two-way assessment because it measures the degree to which the employer and employee will meet each other's mutual needs and expectations. It provides the predictive and valid insights needed to discern whether a candidate would enjoy and learn rapidly in a specific role and enjoy the organization. The Harrison Assessment measures personality factors, interests, passions, preferences, and expectations. By measuring this comprehensive set of factors, the Harrison Suitability Assessment can accurately predict job performance, engagement, and retention. It also provides key data used to assess competencies including leadership capabilities, emotional intelligence, behavioral competencies, and core values specific to your company. This is ideal for both internal and external candidates as well as succession planning.

View Sample Selection Report View Sample Leadership Behavioral Competency Report

Selection Report

Effectively predict performance and mitigate bias, with validated talent assessments backed by 35+ years of scientific research for over 800 job classifications. Competencies measured in our selection report include resilience, relationship management, and making sound decisions in the workplace. Essentially it measures an individual's ability to bounce back from challenges and setbacks, how well they can handle relationships and work with others in the workplace, and if they can carefully analyze a situation, consider all relevant factors, and come up with the best course of action. In addition, we measure the candidate's ability to develop as a leader or lead others - if they can plan, prioritize, and use compelling communication.

View Sample Selection Report

Development Report

Your existing workforce can be your greatest asset. Understand and evaluate development and mobility opportunities within your organization, including growth areas, potential for leadership, and top talent primed for re-skilling.This report provides a work-related assessment of your employee’s innate tendencies. It aims to help you gain a deeper understanding of these tendencies, how they impact work performance, and where they may focus on improvement.

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Succeed & Compare Report

Employees take this assessment once and you can then compare them to multiple job profiles to better understand job fit or career pathing opportunities.

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360 Review

The 360-degree assessment tool serves as a valuable resource to gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your employees, with a holistic assessment of key competencies and behaviors. It empowers individuals to identify and prioritize development goals. Confidentially obtain quantitative ratings and recommendations for development.

View Sample 360 Report

PXT Select™

Identify which candidates can do the job, will do the job, and how well they work with others through PXT Select™. This testing assesses cognitive abilities, occupational interests, and behavioral characteristics.

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For those looking to simply measure competency, ASE offer TestGenius. Tests are available for thousands of job titles. TestGenius includes assessments for Office Skills Testing (OPAC), 911/EMS Skills Testing (CritiCall), and Commercial Contact Center Skills Testing (C4). All tests are self-administering and self-scoring, which means that the results are available as soon as the testing is complete.

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