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Hire and retain the best talent.  Get the compensation and benefits data you need to be a competitive employer of choice.

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Unlock valuable insights with our specialized benchmarking surveys designed for employers. Our surveys cover essential areas including compensation rates, benefit offerings, employment policies, and industry practices. Gain a competitive edge and make informed decisions with relevant data provided by local employers. New members and member participants receive these surveys at no additional cost.

Compensation Benchmark Data

ASE, the leading source for employer-reported compensation data. Explore data on over 480 job titles across 36 job families, including Accounting/Financial, Engineering, HR, IT, and more.

Policies, Benefits, and Practices Surveys

ASE conducts surveys providing detailed information on employee policies, benefits, and welfare programs. From employee turnover to medical premiums, we have you covered. Leverage quality, company-reported data to support your business strategy and drive performance.

Payscale Peer

ASE Members have discounted access Payscale Peer, the industry’s leading on-demand employer-reported compensation tool. This dynamic tool offers members the ability to conduct real-time analysis of thousands of job titles across the globe. 

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2023 ASE Compensation Survey

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2023 Workplace Flexibility Survey Results Now Available!


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