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ASE Coaching & Group Leadership Development Services

Every high-performing person in the world  has a coach in one form or another. From athletes to business leaders, high performers know that having someone they trust who helps guide their thought process is necessary to maintain high performance.  The rest of the world just "shows up" every day.  A successful coach can help you shift your thinking and behaviors, and a great business coach has enough experience to share to help you make that shift quickly.

To maximize time and resources, a new and innovative group development approach uses both coaching and team development.  Employers set up management groups in small development teams. ASE’s leadership consultants/coaches then provide custom leadership development programs for those teams. The programs focus on the team’s common leadership development needs through specific educational programs; they couple those programs with targeted one-on-one coaching activities specific to the individual leader’s development needs.  

Individual and Group Coaching

In addition to one-on-one coaching, ASE has coaching programs for both individuals, teams, and groups of leaders. Sometimes an organization’s leadership requires development of a one or more common leadership competencies or sometimes a team is not functioning at their greatest potential.  A designated group of leaders or a team can be coached collectively and subsequently coached individually as needed.

Individual Coaching Process

Once a need is identified, the coach begins working with the key stakeholders (supervisor and Human Resources) to clarify coaching objectives, which will be the cornerstone of the coaching engagement. With the objectives in place, the coach will provide any assessments that have been agreed to in the initial discussions. 

Following the assessment process, the coach schedules a feedback session with the client to conduct a detailed history of the client’s background and to debrief the assessments.  In this important session, the coach and client begin to prioritize the work that will make up the coaching process. At this point, the coach and client begin the cadence of regular coaching sessions with homework and experiential activities in between the sessions as the client tries new behaviors and approaches to real-world work situations.  


Most coaching engagements take approximately six-nine months, as coaching clients are focusing on behavioral change.  This is a ballpark figure and will be discussed in the early stages with all stakeholders. The length of coaching can be modified depending upon circumstances.

Group Coaching Process - Leadership Development

Successful teams communicate openly to achieve optimal results. They have a high level of trust, productive conflict, are fully committed, and hold each other accountable.  Occasionally, teams get off track, team members work in silos, and behaviors lead to missed deadlines, unnecessary re-work, and increased tension. It can be highly unproductive and toxic. Whether an executive team, department team, or project team, re-aligning the team with a group/team development approach using both coaching and team development can improve communication, increase collaboration, and ignite commitment to surpass the desired results.    

As with Individual coaching an initial meeting with an organization’s development representative will be scheduled to get initial understanding of the group's development needs and what coaching objectives the client wants to address. With the objectives in place the coach will provide any assessments that have been agreed to in the initial discussions. Group leadership coaching and development can take several paths:

  • A collective development plan for the leaders
  • Group facilitation and education targeted on the development of necessary competencies 
  • Individual coaching of group members can address specific developmental opportunities

Group coaching can be customized to the organization’s agreed upon development needs and objectives.

ASE offers the Leadership Academy which is ideal for group leadership development.  You can learn more about that on our custom training page.

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Micro Coaching

Target specific skills with ASE’s new micro coaching.  Work one-on-one with an experienced coach that helps guide performance results!  Whether you want to maintain high performance in a new position, enhance opportunities for growth, become a higher performer, work on a strength or opportunity to be more successful in your job, or if you are on a journey of self-discovery, you will find value in this targeted coaching that is efficient and effective!  

There are three modules to choose from:

1. The Agile Emotionally Intelligent Leader 
2. Maximize Results Through Productive Conflict
3. Grow Your Strategic Leadership:  Crafting Vision, Aligning Teams, Executing for Results

Each module includes an individual assessment, three 1:1 (90min) virtual coaching sessions, and independent learning.

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