Employee Training

Employee Training

ASE offers instructor-led courses allowing your employees to develop their skills.  Training includes supervisory, leadership, HR, and other career development courses.

Employee Training 

ASE offers more than 75 unique employee training and development courses and seven certification programs. ASE is the only pre-approved HRCI provider in Southeast Michigan, a SHRM recertification provider, an IACET Authorized Provider, and a Michigan Proprietary School.  Our classes are offered both in-person and virtually.

Featured Courses

Principles and Practices of Supervision I

This course provides the foundational skills for supervisors, either new or experienced.  This nuts-and-bolts class looks at popular managerial models and provides practical tools and knowledge to help supervisors conquer the ten most critical tasks of a supervisor. This is a multi-session course over several weeks.

Principles and Practices of Supervision II 

This class is the sequel to Principles and Practices of Supervision I.  This class builds on the nuts and bolts learning in Principles I and takes a look at the strategic and leadership aspect of the supervisor role.  In this class, supervisors look at ways they can influence their teams for better performance and some things that might hinder their success.  This class provides supervisors an opportunity to gain insight into how they supervise. This is a multi-session course over several weeks.

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Supervise with Success

This course will define the role and responsibilities of a supervisor. Participants will practice techniques to develop relationships, deliver feedback, delegate, make decisions, and conduct effective meetings. This course is ideal for those new to the field of supervision.

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Leadership Essentials

Participants will learn about the principles of leadership and how they can be used in any organization to foster integrity and create positive change. This course provides insight on how to be an outstanding leader and achieve excellence in self and others. 

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Essentials for the HR Professional

Participants will gain a working understanding of how a Human Resource department functions and the basic responsibilities of a Human Resource professional. This course will give participants a working understanding of the laws affecting the employer-employee relationship and how they impact day-to-day operations.  Ideal for those new to HR.

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With over 75 unique courses, we can provide all your talent development training from supervisory to HR to personal development and beyond. View our current course catalog to view all upcoming courses.


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