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From hiring to testing to screening and beyond, our experts are here to completely support your organization’s staffing needs in all disciplines, not just HR. ASE will provide your organization with the very best service at the most optimal cost.

Talent Acquisition Services

ASE’s staffing and recruitment experience goes back over 100 years, back to the days of when the Employers Association of Detroit, as ASE was known then, supplied workers to fill the $5 jobs for the Ford Motor Company.

Today we continue to provide highly skilled professionals across the enterprise, including Human Resources, Finance/Accounting, Supply Chains, Sales and Administrative Support.

Background Screening

You make your best hiring decisions when you are fully informed. ASE can protect your organization from the cost of bad hiring decisions with our complete background screening services.

Drug Screening

We understand the value of keeping member workplace’s drug-free, safe, and productive. Drug screening saves ASE member organizations money every year. We can accommodate any and all of your drug screening needs, including: pre-employment, random, and post-incident testing.

Pre-Employment Assessments

ASE provides reliable candidate assessments that will improve the likelihood that the candidate you select will be good a fit for your organization.

With over 100 years of staffing and recruitment experience, ASE provides members with exceptional and comprehensive staffing solutions. FIND OUT MORE TODAY