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ASE Talent Acquisition

ASE's Talent Acquisition services range from pre-employment to staffing to HR consultancy.

ASE Talent Acquisition Team Services Overview

In today's dynamic corporate landscape, getting the right talent through a new hire onboarding process is paramount. ASE offers a comprehensive range of services to bolster your HR departments' successful talent acquisition strategy and endeavors. With each service meticulously designed to suit individual organizational needs, ASE' talent acquisition team is committed to ensuring companies get the very best talent fit every time.

Employment Background ChecksASE specializes in Talent acquisition strategies, the hiring process, enabling you to acquire and retain top talent.

In the age of information, making informed hiring decisions about top talent or highly qualified candidates is crucial. ASE's employment background checking services are here to safeguard your organization from the pitfalls of an unsuitable new hire, and accidentally onboarding them. Not only is our candidate relationship management system user-friendly, with straightforward application entry, but its robust integration capabilities pairs with most Applicant Tracking System (ATS) platforms ensuring seamless operations for Human Resources departments. The importance of a thorough background check cannot be understated—it shields your business leader's brand reputation, maintains workplace safety, and ensures that your new hire aligns with company values, while you focus on workforce planning and getting the right candidates excited.

Drug Screening Service

Substance abuse can significantly up employee turnover and impact workplace safety and productivity, and dramatically impact employer branding. ASE provides a comprehensive suite of drug screening services, catering to various needs such as pre-employment checks, random screenings, and post-incident testing. As we recognize the evolving requirements of different sectors, our drug screening protocols are frequently updated, ensuring that they are both rigorous, relevant and an integral part of your talent acquisition strategy.

Selection and Development

In the realm of your talent acquisition strategy, understanding a candidate goes beyond their resume and a positive candidate experience during an interview. With ASE’s pre-employment assessment tools, organizations can gain vision and a deeper insight into your prospective talent pipeline, ensuring that the hiring decision is data-driven and holistic. By making the right choice and having access to a talent pool of top candidates the first time around, you not only safeguard the company culture but you can quickly fill open positions, while you significantly reduce costs related to high turnover and subsequent employee retraining.

This takes a strain off the talent acquisition specialists, so they can focus their time of writing better job descriptions, attending job fairs, setting salary expectations, academic programs, specialized job boards, nurture candidates, work on talent acquisition metrics to ensure they find and hire you the right candidate.

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ASE Staffing Services Group

Effective talent acquisition turns potential candidates into qualified candidates, and adds to the company culture.Navigating the vast sea of potential candidates can be daunting making talent acquisition important. Whether managing the talent acquisition process, interview process, and hiring process internally or outsourcing to other talent acquisition teams, like ASE, it's undeniable that a misstep can be costly. Research indicates that a bad hire can cost 3-4 times more than investing in the right recruitment team and resources from the onset to search for top talent to fill open positions.

ASE adopts a meticulously crafted 10-Step Sourcing and Screening Process for hiring candidates for effective talent acquisition, that ensures that each candidate aligns with your company's specific requirements. Our services span across the job offer hiring managers various modes - Temporary, Contract-to-Hire, Direct-Hire, and Payroll Service basis, which enable us to gain insights from previously engaged prospects, which provides valuable data, which applicant tracking systems just can't do.

Beyond the aforementioned, ASE specializes in a plethora of skill sets, including:

  • Accounting: From financial analysis to bookkeeping, our candidates are well-versed in all things numbers.

  • Administrative Support: Efficient administrative personnel are the backbone of any organization, and our candidates exemplify this ethos.

  • Business Professional: Whether it's project management or strategic planning, ASE has candidates that thrive in the corporate realm.

  • Finance: With a keen understanding of market dynamics and fiscal policies, our candidates ensure your company's financial health remains robust.

  • Human Resources: Our candidates are adept at navigating the complexities of HR and talent acquisition, ensuring a harmonious workplace.

  • Direct-Hire/Professional Search: Collaborative and comprehensive, our solutions ensure your direct talent acquisition strategies needs are always met.

Fractional HR

In today's dynamic business landscape, HR demands can fluctuate. Whether it's a vacancy, job openings for senior executives, a hiring manager, talent acquisition, job fairs, promoting positions on social media channels, a specialized project, or an interim HR need, ASE's fractional HR services are here to help. With seasoned professionals available on-demand, you can augment your HR capabilities as needed.

Our services encompass a wide range of Human Resources functions, from the talent acquisition process to hiring managers to talent specialists to team strategy development to risk management. Each of our fractional HR consultants is adaptable to client requirements, ensuring a perfect fit every time. For long-term needs, they're flexible to fill many shoes across your HR department needs.

Direct-Hire & Professional Search Staffing Services

ASE's Direct-Hire solutions epitomize the marriage of collaboration and customization. Leveraging our extensive 10-Step Sourcing and Screening process, we guarantee a flexible solution tailored to individual talent acquisition needs. We offer two distinct direct-hire service models:

  • Contingency Fee Search: This model is a forward thinking, outcome-focused. A set fee, often a percentage of the hired employee's annual salary, is payable upon successful recruitment of each job description. This model is ideal for companies with robust internal recruitment tools but require additional talent acquisition vs support for specific roles.

  • Retainer Fee Search: A consultative approach, where fees are paid at specific milestones within the talent acquisition process. This model is ideal for positions requiring specialized or passive candidates, ensuring a dedicated and exhaustive search, performed directly by a talent acquisition specialist.

Members of ASE benefit from a 30% discount on direct-hire fees, amplifying the value proposition, and allowing you to work directly with our in-house talent acquisition consultants.

Temporary & Contract-to-Hire Staffing

In an ever-evolving business landscape, agility is key. Temporary and contract-to-hire staffing allows organizations to adapt quickly to changing needs. Whether it's unplanned vacancies, project-based requirements, or scaling operations, ASE is your trusted partner in providing timely, efficient, and cost-effective staffing solutions.

Our expansive and effective talent acquisition pipelines, coupled with our streamlined, entire recruitment process, talent acquisition recruiting process, and methodology, ensure that your organization is always poised for success.

Unless you're a master at specialized job boards, finding top candidates and turning them into active candidates is hard..

Our Service Delivery Methodology

ASE's service delivery paradigm is built on flexibility and meticulousness. Our strategic approach to client engagement is unique, but certain core elements remain unchanged. Our talent acquisition takes these foundational principles and encapsulates them into our Service Delivery Methodology:

  • Set Clear ExpectationsA deep dive into the role, key stakeholders, and expectations ensures the creation of a tailored talent acquisition sourcing and screening process.

  • Consistent Communication: Regular interactions with stakeholders ensure alignment throughout the recruitment process. We believe that an informed client is an empowered talent acquisition manager.

  • Understanding Culture/Brand: The key to a successful top talent placement is not just in their skills, but also in the cultural fit. ASE prioritizes understanding your company's ethos to find qualified candidates who will flourish within your organization and its culture.

  • Timeliness: With a structured timeline outlining milestones, we ensure the recruitment process remains on track and efficient.

10-Step Sourcing and Screening ProcessASE online's Fractional HR services, allows your HR team to expand and collapse, so you don't have to hire and fire and your needs change.

Our proprietary 10-Step process is the backbone of our talent acquisition recruitment strategy. By understanding the role, culture, and key stakeholders of qualified candidates in Phase I, using recruiting software designing targeted campaigns for active candidates in Phase II, and executing the final selection of the best candidates in Phase III, we ensure a seamless and efficient recruitment journe


Talent acquisition process strategies and HR management are evolving realms, impacted by both technological advancements and shifting corporate landscapes. With ASE's comprehensive suite of services, organizations are empowered to navigate these changes with confidence and finesse.

Our commitment to excellence, coupled with our flexibility, positions ASE as the ideal and only talent acquisition team and process HR partner for any organization, irrespective of size or domain.

With the same talent acquisition professionals and right HR strategies in place, organizations can look forward to a more efficient, harmonious, and productive future. ASE, with its expansive range of talent acquisition focuses and services, is here to ensure that your talent acquisition pipeline journey is smooth and rewarding.

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