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Join Michigan’s premier employer association and access a network of HR professionals. Get expert advice and HR resources for recruiting, retaining, and developing your most important asset: your people.

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Your people are the power that drives your business, the foundation to build a business that THRIVES.  The management of your team requires leadership that is informed, current, compliant, and poised with the tools you need to move forward.  HR is the very core of how you attract and retain the best talent.  An ASE membership supports all aspects of HR within your organization.

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ASE is a hub with a direct line to the resources you need to remain current, compliant, progressive, and positioned for the current challenges.  ASE has the knowledge and data to support your readiness to act on opportunities with a fully charged team.  From our HR Research Hotline to 24/7 research databases, we have you covered.

Real People…Real Solutions

Every hotline call is handled by one of our expert staff members who are familiar with Michigan laws.  They will research and provide the most customized solution for your challenge.  

Avoid Risk

Staying ahead of the issues specific to compliance and trends in employment requires research and a guide to navigate.  Ask our expert staff any employment law or compliance questions before you incur the costs of a legal team. ASE has the experience and data that serves as a resource with ASE professionals ready to work with you on your key issues.

Attract and Retain Talent

Knowing who you are seeking, what matters to them, and an understanding of employee engagement and motivation is essential in enlisting and retaining your talent.  We have the talent development, employee engagement, and competitive data to help you attract and retain the best talent.

Access Local Compensation and Benefits Benchmark Data

Our curated benchmark data is utilized by Michigan companies to offer competitive compensation and benefits to their employees.  It pays to be a member. ASE members receive all of our survey data for FREE, simply by participating in each survey - a value of over $16,000:


April Matalavy, SHRM-SCP
HR Director, 1st Vice President
First State Bank

"ASE is an integral partner and resource for my department of two. From the benchmarking surveys to the HR hotline, and the insightful conferences; they are a one-stop shop for all my HR needs."

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