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Temporary & Contract-to-Hire Staffing Services

Quickly scale up or down teams as needed to best finish required work in a cost-efficient manner.

Temporary & Contract-to-Hire Staffing Services

Temporary workers are essential for organizations needing to match revenue with cost throughout the business cycle as well as being able to respond quickly to unplanned absences or turnover. By utilizing temporary or contract-to-hire staffing, employers can quickly scale up or down teams as needed to best finish required work.

ASE has the resources and talent pipelines to help you manage your workforce. Our service is timely and cost effective resulting in a streamlined talent acquisition process.

Our Service Delivery Methodology

ASE's service delivery model is flexible to the requirements of our clients. Each search ASE performs is slightly different than the last one. However, we have identified that each search has a group of key elements that remain consistent, and it is these elements that we have incorporated into our Service Delivery Methodology. Our methodology ensures that we hit the mark every time in a timely and cost-effective manner. ASE’s Service Methodology includes, but is not limited to, the following core elements:

Set Clear Expectations

Before ASE accepts a new recruiting engagement, we thoroughly review the position, tangible and intangible elements, stake holders, and expectations which will determine how we move candidates through our 10-Step Sourcing and Screening Process.

Consistent Communication

Communication is paramount to keeping an engagement on track. The mode of communication as well as the timing of all updates will be identified and scheduled with key stakeholders upon execution of all engagements.

Understanding Culture/Brand

Our number one goal is to present your company in a favorable, positive, and realistic manner so ASE can attract candidates that will THRIVE in your organization.


ASE outlines its engagement using a detailed timeline that includes critical events and milestones that drive timely and successful conclusions.

10-Step Sourcing and Screening Process

To ensure our clients receive the right talent the first time, ASE integrates our service methodology with our proprietary 10-Step Sourcing and Screening Process into every search we perform whether it be for a temporary, contract-to-hire, or direct-hire position. ASE clients spend their valuable time only on candidates that have successfully completed a thorough vetting process that has been created around the specific requirements of their position. Our 10-Step Sourcing and Screening Process incorporates the following three phases:

Phase I - Order Setup

In this phase, ASE’s recruiter will review the requirements of the position as well as the dynamics of the client's culture. This will provide a psychometric profile of the successful candidate. Depending on the scope of the sourcing and screening required, the recruiter will also cover branding, critical milestones, order to fill timing, and schedule regular review meetings with shareholders.

Phase II - Sourcing/Screening

This phase allows the ASE talent team to design and deploy a targeted sourcing campaign that will reach out to our talent pipelines, referral networks, and newly identified candidates that have the background/experience required. Interview scripts, client profiles, preliminary assessment, and screening tools are also defined in this phase.

Phase III - Interview/Offer

This phase includes submittal of candidate profiles, profile reviews, completing client required assessments, scheduling and/or conducting client facing interviews, secondary candidate reviews, final reference checks/background checks, and presenting and negotiating client offers. We can also assist with employee onboarding.

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