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Published on Tuesday, December 4, 2018

This Sugar Cookie Just Might be Your Key to a Great Hire

Author: Shannon Reed

Whether your preferences lean toward shortbread or gingerbread, this holiday season’s cookie exchange could possibly be the sourcing tool you are looking for. Sourcing “jam sessions” are a newer concept taking shape within organizations that welcome the input of their hiring managers, talent acquisition (TA) professionals, and subject matter experts into the selection process. 

Key players from these three areas meet with a ready appetite, food, and laptop in hand, to discuss the open position(s), browse their personal LinkedIn networks, and conduct a key word search related to the job opening or job title.  If you have five people in the room, the search results turn up differently for each person in the meeting.  Recruiters on their own would likely spend hours creating a meaningful prospect list.  This instills a collaborative notion into sourcing, which has traditionally been where recruiters walk alone. The work doesn’t end when the food is gone.  The team collaborates on their results and hands off the viable candidates to the TA team.  TA then commits to the process of reviewing the candidates once the introductions have been made. Cookie Recipte

Cold call InMails from recruiters have a pretty low rate of return (typically less than 18%), but if those invitations to discuss or learn more about an opportunity come from a 1st degree connection the response rate is much better. To take the concept further, participants in the “jam session” send and receive key insights on the job and are made to feel included in the talent selection process.

Innovative processes like this are likely to make significant gains in the coming year.  This week, LinkedIn announced that in 2019, it will launch its own Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  The new tool will target employers with under 1,000 employees and is a game changer for Microsoft who is doing head to head battle for the world of talent acquisition against Google.   The new ATS driven by LinkedIn will essentially connect TA professionals with the largest candidate database available and then couple it with the automated elements of cloud -based applicant tracking. 

Whether this season’s cookie exchange is already on the calendar or you decide to create one, give the “jam session” approach to sourcing a try.  And to give you a running start, we’ve included The Best Sugar Cookie recipe.


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Source:  shrm.org


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