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HR Professionals Need Ongoing Learning Too – Invest in Yourself!

Although HR professionals tend to be highly educated, they must engage in continuous learning in order to maintain and update their capabilities. Most (95%) HR professionals have at least some college, and 39% have a master’s degree or higher. In addition, 61% have some type of certification in HR management.  Despite all this education, ongoing learning is still crucial.

The State of HR Skills and Education in 2021 study, conducted by's Research Institute, was conducted to understand and strategize professional development and HR training programs to help HR professionals develop essential HR competencies. The study was conducted in November of 2021 and examines the changing requirements for HR professionals due to the pandemic.

Human capital management skills evolve and can go out of date quickly. About half (52%) of HR professionals believe their current level of knowledge will be sufficient for only four years or less.

Organizations are most likely to suffer skills gaps in these areas of human resources:

In addition, few HR professionals (less than a quarter) say they have expertise in important initiatives such as diversity, equity, and inclusion, employee wellness, risk management, and international and global relations.

“It’s critical right now for employers to develop their HR team for the future and be prepared for anything,” stated Debbie McGrath, Chief Instigator and CEO of “The HR department, as the heart of any organization, will have to be more proactive and strategic with continuous upskilling and reskilling.”

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