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Disconnected Leadership Fuels Toxicity and Employees Suffer in Silence

Recent layoffs in the tech industry have intensified a climate of toxicity in tech companies according to 45% of employees, a new research report by TalentLMS and Culture Amp reveals. Employees are holding their leaders liable for the toxic work culture in their companies.

43% of employees say that leadership is turning a blind eye to toxic behaviors, and 45% say that senior execs promote unhealthy competition among managers and employees. In addition, 45% say their leadership lives in a bubble, believing that the culture is healthy.

“There is a common belief that ‘people leave managers, not companies.’ However, at Culture Amp, we have found perceptions of senior leadership tend to be more important for employee engagement and commitment than perceptions of one’s direct manager. Senior leaders are role models, whether they like it or not. The way they behave at work creates powerful social norms that can impact how the rest of the organization behaves. Additionally, their decisions can lead to the creation of structures and incentives that result in (often unintended) harmful consequences to employees,“ stated Dr. Joel Davies, Senior People Scientist at Culture Amp.

Other key findings include:

  • 45% of employees in the software industry who are working in companies with toxic work culture plan to quit their job because of it.
  • Leadership and senior management are mostly responsible for the toxic work environment in tech companies, according to the employees.
  • When faced with toxic behaviors or situations, almost half (49%) of surveyed employees said they don’t do or say anything.
  • Recent layoffs in the tech industry have intensified a climate of toxicity in tech companies, 45% of employees agree.
  • 46% of employees in the software industry suffer from burnout because of a toxic work environment.
  • Workplace training can help in fostering a more positive and healthy work environment, 48% of employees agree.
  • To eliminate toxic work culture, 43% of employees think managerial and leadership training for leaders and managers would be helpful.
  • Almost half of the employees (47%) believe their companies will remain toxic in the future.
  • Employees from the software industry say the top 3 contributors to the toxic work culture in their companies are:
    • Expecting employees to work longer hours or weekends without additional pay
    • Lack of transparency and communication from management and leadership
    • Lack of consideration and courtesy

While this survey was conducted in the tech industry, it holds true across industries. Leadership should be trained to effectively manage and recognize the signs of toxicity and low engagement.

View the complete Talent LMS report here.

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Source: Talent LMS


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