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New Year and New Offerings from ASE

What's New

With the new year, ASE is happy to announce several new services and partnerships for 2022. This new programming aligns with our member needs and is geared towards our mission to “support employers by providing a broad range of information, services, and training that enables them to successfully manage their most important asset: their people.”

ASE Sales Academy
The new ASE Sales Academy is a 3-month, 30-hour curriculum of sales skills classes for both seasoned and aspiring salespeople that also includes personal coaching and personality testing. The first academy will begin in March 2022. Learn more about this comprehensive academy here.

Circle of Peers
This new programming offers a way for our members to connect and collaborate with industry specific professionals. Each specific networking hub has been created to give members an opportunity to interact with fellow members in a confidential and mutually supportive learning environment. Each hub meets every other month and hub members are expected to attend all meetings.

Hubs currently offered include HR Professional, Total Rewards, Staffing, Japanese Owned Businesses, Training and Development, and CFO.  Do you have a professional network of peers? If not, join a hub here.

Peer-to-Peer Discussions
These will replace our roundtables and are around topics or groups not currently available as a Circle of Peers hub. Each month members are invited to join member-driven discussions that will focus on trending topics or industries.  Join us January 26th for our first Peer-to-Peer Discussion – HR in Non-Profit Organizations.

New Partnerships

Salta Direct Primary Care
SALTA Direct Primary Care saves 20% over traditional healthcare coverage. While current care is mostly reactive, SALTA is proactive focusing on creating and maintaining health. For your business this means healthier and happier employees, with less absenteeism, and fewer catastrophic cases; adding to your bottom line.  ASE members save $1 per employee per month. For more information, please contact Michael Burns.

Three Sixty Safety
Three Sixty Safety provides the tools you need to bring safety to the forefront of your organization. Their skilled experts offer a wide range of services and trainings that are customized to meet your safety goals. As a partner, they will provide ASE members with education around safety in the workplace via monthly emails and periodic webinars. ASE will be sending Safety Saturday email once a month with resources to keep your employees and facility safe. To learn more about the services Three Sixty Safety offers, please contact Michael Burns.

View all ASE Preferred HR Partners at

Conversations with Mike & Tony
Conversation with Mike & Tony is ASE’s new web series where members can interact with ASE’s compliance experts, Michael Burns and Anthony Kaylin. Conversations will revolve around business and HR topics currently in the news and how they relate to our members. Join us every other Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.  Register for the series

ASE Employee Engagement & Experience Survey
Coming soon, ASE is offering a condensed employee engagement survey that is simple to administer and consists of only 30 questions.  This new offering provides a cost-effective, confidential implementation of an employee survey with detailed analysis.  For more information, please contact Kevin Marrs.

As a reminder, ASE also launched the following new programming in 2021 which will continue through 2022:

Eagle Eye Podcast
Have you listened to ASE’s new podcast yet?  Hosted by Mary E. Corrado, ASE President & CEO, Eagle Eye features one-on-one conversations with leaders who inspire. From CEOs to innovators, hear how they built their career and/or their organization. Listen to all episodes here.

Ask the Lawyer
ASE’s Ask the Lawyer webinar series was launched as a replacement to our Employment Law Conference.  This allows us to provide monthly programming throughout the year – keeping our members up to date as new employment law issues arise.  This new webinar series offers a 30-minute informative session followed by 30 minutes of Q/A where webinar attendees can ask the lawyer – you – all their questions on that month’s topic. For sponsorship information, please contact
Nick Corrado.

Wellness Wednesdays
Once a month ASE sends a Wellness Wednesday email with resources to help keep you and your staff both physically and mentally healthy. In addition, we created a
web page to house wellness resources.

One final announcement as we enter the new year is that George Brown, ASE Vice President, is phasing into retirement. George has been with ASE for 20 years.  You might know him as “GB” as many of us fondly refer to him. As he phases into retirement he will serve as a consultant to ASE CEO, Mary E. Corrado, and will work closely with the membership development team.  He will be part-time through the next six months preceding his official retirement in June.  Please join us in wishing George well as he prepares to retire just in time for golf season.

Happy New Year.


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