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Workplace Wellness Resources

Resources helpful in building a workplace wellness and well-being program

Workplace Wellness

A well-rounded employee wellness program can help your employees THRIVE.  ASE has curated resources helpful in establishing or enhancing your workplace wellness program.  The five main components of a well-rounded wellness and well-being program include:

  • Physical
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Financial
  • Environmental

There are three main types of wellness programs:   

  • Participatory wellness programs, which are generally available without regard to an individual’s health status and do not offer any reward based on satisfying a health-related standard.
  • Activity-only wellness programs, which require an individual to perform or complete a health-related activity to obtain a reward.
  • Outcome-based wellness programs, which require an individual to attain or maintain a specific health outcome in order to obtain a reward.

When part of an employer sponsored group health plan, wellness programs are subject to certain federal requirements

For tips on starting a wellness program in your organization, download this Getting Your Program Started tip sheet:


Mental Health Resources

Download a Mental Health Toolkit from Mental Health America.

Mental Heath Toolkit

Download a "Mental Health at Work: What Can I Do?” poster from the Office of Disability Employment Policy and the U.S. Department of Labor.

Mental Health at Work: What Can I Do Poster

The state of Michigan and MDHHS offer many resources for both employers and employees dealing with mental health issues.

Michigan Mental Health Resources

Michigan StayWell Counseling

Michigan StayWell Cultivating Joy and Other Video Resources

MDHHS - For Adults Recovering From the Emotional Toll of The COVID-19 Disaster

The following resources from Ulliance are helpful in building resiliency in your workforce:

6 Tips to Gain More Resiliency

TLC for Returning to Work and Life

Emotional Recovery - A Path Forward


Health & Wellness Resources

ASE has partnered with the following organizations to offer health & wellness resources and training to ASE members at a reduced rate.


ASE members have access to a 5% discount to BurnAlong for employee wellness programming. BurnAlong features thousands of on-demand and live streaming classes covering fitness, mental health, and financial wellness. Employees also receive social support with free sub-accounts for family members and the ability to take classes live with family or colleagues. 

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Mastery Training Services

Mastery Training Services helps organizations grow and thrive with their comprehensive workplace training systems and services. They offer several health and wellness courses.  ASE members receive preferred pricing.

Visit Mastery Training Services


Salta Direct Primary Care

Salta Direct Primary CareASE has partnered with SALTA Direct Primary Care for individuals and employers who are interested in better access and care to primary care for the ones they love the most. They offer 3 locations in Clarkston, Auburn Hills, and Troy along with 24/7 access via phone or virtual care. They offer affordable, accessible, and exceptional primary care.  ASE members save $1 per month per employee.

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