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Onboarding Remote Employees Effectively

onboardingWork from anywhere, distributed workforce, remote work…whatever you call it, there will likely be some challenges in such areas as payroll, time zones, virtual interviews, and onboarding. 

It is critical that you are set up to support and manage all new hires as normally and consistently as possible, whether they are remote or in-office.  Onboarding is not over after the first day on the job.  Here are some tips to onboard and manage new hires remotely:

  • Ensure new employees have the hardware, software, and office supplies needed to do their job.
  • Ensure new hires understand how to use essential communication tools, online meeting solutions, and file-sharing applications.
  • Help new hires understand your departmental culture.
  • Challenge supervisors to set specific goals and expectations for their new hires.
  • Arrange frequent meetings with your team members and other key employees.
  • Schedule frequent calls to touch base.
  • Set up a mentor program for your new hire.

Employees may have questions about the basic operations of employment, and they may not know who or how to ask. Consider setting up a time to check in remotely with new employees to allow them to ask any questions they have. Answers to questions such as “When is payday?”, “Does direct deposit start right away, or will you be mailing me a paper check?”, and “Do my medical benefits start immediately?” are very important to new employees.

Make sure new employees knows who to contact for more information about their job. While working remotely they may not feel as comfortable reaching out with these questions as they would if they were physically in the office. If they are clear on the details, it will help them feel welcomed and supported by your agency during this stressful time. By using these steps as guidance, you can help your new employees get acclimated and thrive in their new work environment.


Additional ASE Resources

McLean & Company: Our partners at McLean & Company have the tools and resources to create a talent acquisition strategy.  This may include developing an internship program, mentor program, mastering social media for HR, building an employee referral program, and ways to adapt the process in a virtual environment.  ASE members can access McLean & Company via the ASE Member Dashboard.

CCH HR Compliance Library: You have hired and are beginning to onboard your new employee.  What about payroll and state laws?  CCH is a great resource for our members when hiring an employee in another state or country.  From your member dashboard you can research state and local withholding guides, general state rule charts, current internal revenue codes, fair labor standards act and related regulations, along with a state-by-state employment law section.  In this section you can research state law summaries, statutes and regulations, as well as employment at will and case laws.  For any member who has locations in other countries you can refer to the International Labour and Employment Compliance Handbook. ASE members can access CCH via the ASE Member Dashboard.

If you need a refresher on how to use these resources, please contact Linda Olejniczak.

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