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ASE resources to help you build an effective DEI strategy in your organization.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

As Michigan's trusted HR partner, ASE empowers employers to promote an equitable workplace, which includes a diverse and inclusive company culture.  ASE is committed to bringing our members diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) resources and tools to help their organizations formalize their strategy, policies, training, and approaches resulting in an effective DEI strategy.  


ASE's DEI Resources

Affirmative Action Plan Development

Keep your organization compliant and mitigate risk with ASE’s Affirmative Action services.  Our staff expertise spans over 75 years of experience as compliance specialists working both sides of the table—as OFCCP compliance officers, organization representatives managing the AA/EEO function, and as audit support. 

ASE Affirmative Action

Training & Development

Whether you  are just developing a DEI strategy or have been working on your initiative for years, training helps strengthen this cultural shift within organizations.  Invest in classes that can really make a difference in your workplace. ASE offers public, custom, and on-demand options for your DEI training needs. 

Some of ASE's courses that can play a role in a comprehensive DEI strategy include:

Cross-Cultural Communication
DEI Foundations: The Why, The Wat & Things to Avoid in Diversity Programs
Emotional Intelligence
Ethics and Integrity
Win-Win Communication Skills

On-Demand Training

Our on-demand training partner, Traliant, offers many courses related to DEI including their Diversity & Inclusion Training Suite.

Custom Training & Consultation

Training and educational workshops and sessions can be facilitated for the entire workforce including management and non-management personnel.  We also provide consultation, guidance, and expertise on the development and implementation of a DEI strategy and strategic communication planning.  Services may include but are not limited to, strategy planning, facilitated consultation sessions, and plan development/implementation. Scope will also include on-demand/ad hoc consultation for situations such as strategic approaches, overcoming barriers, and providing support as they arise around the DEI strategy and process.  

ASE Training & Development

Compensation Consulting

When effectively planned and executed, a comprehensive compensation program can provide a clear understanding of how pay is administered within the organization and what are proper and improper pay practices. ASE can help you design a compensation program that ensures pay discrimination and internal inequity are avoided.

If you have concerns about pay equity, ASE can also help you evaluate your current compensation to highlight potential pay disparities.

ASE Compensation Consulting

Surveys & Research Reports

2020 Survey on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Practices

ASE, together with The Employers’ Association (TEA), conducted a joint survey – 2020 Survey on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Practices.  ASE and TEA invited its broader Michigan membership to participate in an electronic survey in July of 2020. This brief survey captured current practices around common diversity programs and strategies.

Highlights of the survey include:


  • 42% of participants maintain formal policies that address employee diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Nearly half of all respondents have no formal DE&I programs.
  • A lack of staff resources and workload constraints were listed as the main obstacles to DE&I initiatives.
  • Just over a third of those surveyed implemented respectful workplaces (harassment) training for employee or managers in 2020.
  • Over a third (33.7%) of employers have no written policy that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and/or gender identity.
  • 69.3% of organizations surveyed have a formal policy that identifies an accommodation process for disability; 36.4% have a process in place for religious accommodations.
  • 89.3% of organizations stated they have a formal written Code of Conduct

ASE members can access the full results of the survey by logging in to the ASE Member Dashboard.  Nonmembers can request to purchase the results:

Request Full Report

McLean & Company

A Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Pulse Check survey assessment is available to understand the issues that are impacting your organization's diversity, equity, and inclusion.  To learn more about implementing a survey in your organization, please contact Nickolas Corrado.

In addition, ASE members have access to a vast array of McLean & Company tools and resources. Whether it is developing a DEI strategy, embedding inclusion in your culture, or supporting and enabling allyship, McLean & Company’s practical step-by-step blueprints, tools, templates, and surveys emphasize evidence-based, sustainable, and effective approaches to diversity, equity, and inclusion training and initiatives. 

Expert guidance and interactive workshops are available to help you enhance and accelerate DEI initiatives. McLean & Company DEI resources include solution sets such as How to Be an Ally and Create a People-First DEI Strategy.  In addition, there are pre-recorded webinars, strategy templates, and online workshops.

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