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Virtual Healthcare is on the Rise

Two years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual care has become a standard healthcare option among today's companies. In fact, 93% of HR professionals said their organization offers access to virtual care, and about a third of them said their company had started to provide that care within the last two years.  In the most recent ASE Healthcare Insurance Benefits Survey, 63% of ASE survey respondents stated they offer telehealth benefits.

The Virtual Care Pulse Survey was conducted by Summus Global and HR Research Institute to better understand how organizations are applying virtual healthcare and telehealth services to ensure workforce wellness.

The study found that 88% of respondents have seen an increase in demand for such care since 2020. However, further investigation highlights the findings that delayed care became a major problem during the pandemic, especially when it involved the need for specialty care. The majority of HR professionals indicate that some or most employees or dependents have suffered negative impacts from delayed care due to COVID-19 in five key areas:

  • Untreated chronic illness
  • Untreated acute illness
  • Increased medical costs
  • Hospitalization due to lack of treatment
  • Misdiagnosis

Further, seven critical areas were revealed where employees and dependents are most likely to require specialty care, including: infectious disease, cardiology, mental health, oncology, pediatrics, musculoskeletal conditions, and endocrinology and weight management.

“Virtual care is here to stay and I’m confident that these kinds of important benefits will continue to evolve as we navigate our new work world,” stated Debbie McGrath, Chief Instigator and CEO of “To avoid the risk of delayed treatments in specialty areas, employers will have to ensure their healthcare programs consider all areas of care and health concerns and provide solutions that ensure access to high quality care.”

Download the informative research infographic with insights and recommendations to help employers review and update virtual healthcare programs and technology as they strive for optimal employee wellbeing.

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