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Learning to Recognize Your Own Burnout

Burnout has become a negative trend in the workplace today.  It seems more common today as workplaces deal with the pandemic and a potentially impending recession.  Leaders are trained to identify and manage burnout in their employees.  But who is looking out for them?

I recently read a blog on VantageCircle.com that outlined commons signs of burnout in leadership.  Do you recognize any of these in yourself?

  1. Cynical and Low Energy – Leaders often put all their energy into their team members.  It’s important to focus on yourself as well. Common signs this is beginning to affect you are lethargy and feelings that you are no longer satisfied in your job and see no future in it.
  2. Incredibly Exhausted – If you feel so exhausted that you don’t want to do anything after work on a regular basis, you are likely burnt out.
  3. Trouble Controlling Your Moods – If you notice yourself losing your patience over normally minute things, you are likely headed towards or are burnt out.
  4. Low Enthusiasm and Motivation – Do you feel like you’ve lost your motivation that you once had?  It’s probably time to recharge.
  5. Loss of Perspective and Brain Fog – Brain fog, a dull, fuzzy feeling in your head, is a common symptom of chronic stress. You might notice you’ve started to make errors, forget things, miss appointments, and take longer to get back to colleagues or clients.

If any of these apply to you, consider the following ways to reduce burnout and recharge:

  • Delegate more
  • Rewind and reflect
  • Set boundaries
  • Ask for help
  • Exercise
  • Get good sleep – quantity and quality
  • Practice mindfulness

Leaders tend to take on the stress of their team.  It’s important to take care of yourself as well as your team.

How do you prevent burnout in yourself or your leadership team? Email me at [email protected].

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