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After a Hiatus, Employers Are Once Again Celebrating the Holiday Season with Employees

office holiday partyHoliday parties are making a comeback! According to ASE’s 2023 Holiday Schedule and Practices Survey, after two years of COVID-related interruptions, 68% of organizations plan to hold an in-person 2022 holiday party compared to last year’s 42%.

End-of-year celebrations are an effective way for organizations to express gratitude to employees. The goal is to help employees celebrate safely and responsibly.

When asked what adjustments have been made to any end-of-year/holiday celebrations considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, respondents noted:

  • Held in person with some adjustments/requirements (e.g., distancing, larger venues, masking, special food preparation, or voluntary attendance) (39)
  • Canceled (16)
  • Undecided/Undetermined (15)
  • No Changes/Adjustments (14)
  • Planning for in-person; will make adjustments based on COVID (9)
  • Varies by team/department (4)
  • Event(s) will be virtual (3)

(Note: Comments with a (#) represent similar responses and the frequency of that response.)

The ASE survey also found that 67% of Michigan employers plan to give employees a gift this holiday season.  Of those, 41% stated the gift will be monetary. The majority (70%) will give a gift valued at $26-$100.

Employers should be careful to provide a discrimination- and harassment-free workplace. A similar survey by an ASE sister association, MRA, found that the top five steps organizations use to limit liabilities during holiday parties include:

  • Make attendance voluntary (58%)
  • Hold event off-site (54%)
  • Plentiful offering of food (if alcohol is served) (48%)
  • Limit the length of the event (44%)
  • Hold an event on a weekday (39%)

No matter how you celebrate with employees, ASE wishes you a safe and healthy holiday season.

ASE members can find the full results to ASE’s 2023 Holiday Schedule and Practices Survey in the ASE Member Dashboard


Sources: ASE 2023 Holiday Schedule and Practices Survey; MRA 2023 Holiday Practices Survey


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