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Select and Implement an HR Information System

In ASE’s HR Trends & Priorities for 2016 survey, HR Technology and Metrics & Analytics had below average effectiveness ratings out of the 30 areas included on the survey (N=119). As the central backbone of an HR technology ecosystem, a successful HRIS selection & launch is critically important to growing and developing a modern HR function.

Does this sound like you?

-          Your organization is in the midst of a selection and implementation process for a human resource information system (HRIS), and there is a need to disambiguate the market and arrive at a shortlist of vendors. Or, a shortlist of vendors has been identified, and an informed decision needs to be made not only to select one (or more) of the solutions but also to adequately prepare for a successful implementation process.

There are a multitude of solutions available to provide strong capability in most areas of functionality. Differentiating between the solutions is difficult and going through a lengthy RFX process with all vendors is an inefficient approach in terms of time, effort, and cost. There are many unstructured opinions, casting a shadow of ambiguity on the entire process, bogging down decision makers in wasteful analysis paralysis.

This McLean & Company blueprint will help you follow a structured and accelerated approach to launch your HRIS project, filling in knowledge gaps in an organized way to prepare your organization to make an informed decision. Explore the vendor landscape to understand the HRIS space, familiarizing yourself with the major players in the space and the type of capability being offered.

Benchmark your shortlist of vendors with the industry champions in the different use cases and evaluate how they fit with your organization’s identity and needs. Acquaint yourself with the standard steps in the process to inform decisions related to successfully implementing your solution of choice. Fast-track selection and preparation for implementation with a proven business-partnered methodology.

McLean & Company Insight

  1. Market complexity should not equate to decision complexity. Navigating a complicated and diverse HR market will help organizations with making more informed buying decisions
  2. No single HRIS will satisfy all needs. Thinking about how the system will be used within the organization can be more important than selection itself
  3. HRIS is a business initiative, make project success a shared responsibility. System integrators are a resource, but ownership resides internally

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