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Late last week both the General Motors and Ford contracts were approved by the UAW. Early voting at several non-Michigan Ford plants rejected the proposed agreement but voting at plants in Michigan gave contract supporters a narrow overall win. While the Ford voting was in progress, many Ford UAW members expressed their opinion that the contract was not generous enough. They pointed to the concessions they made in the last contract when Ford, GM and Chrysler faced dire financial problems, as well as throughout the last decade. The last contracts had GM and Chrysler going through bankruptcy, which Ford managed to stay out of but took heavy concessions. Workers, particularly at Ford, were looking for more payback.


An employee submits her resignation, and the employer accepts it. Then the employee tries to rescind her resignation. The employer refuses to accept the rescission, making the resignation stand. The employee sues under Title VII, characterizing the employer’s refusal as illegal retaliation for earlier testimony against him in an unrelated employee complaint. But how can an employer retaliate against someone who has already resigned?

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