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Proper Onboarding and Training is Key to Employee Retention

onboardingWith historic quit rates and labor shortages affecting most industries, a new report released by Epignosis reveals how companies in construction, manufacturing, transportation, shipping, and energy are struggling to retain their deskless employees and find skilled workers to fill empty positions.

The survey shows that 72% of the surveyed companies have unfilled positions due to their inability to find qualified deskless workers. A closer look at specific industries reveals the skills gap persists across sectors. 77% of companies in transportation/warehousing experience difficulties with finding employees, along with 74% of manufacturing companies, and 69% of construction.

Consequently, most hiring managers have to fill positions fast with candidates that lack the necessary skills and, thus, require a significant amount of training. 51% of manufacturing and 49% of construction companies responded that new hires don't have the necessary skills for the job when they're hired, while 45% of transportation/warehousing companies stated the same.

"This survey shows that industries like manufacturing and construction continue to face challenges filling open positions," said Chad Halvorson, Founder & CMO of When I Work. "Thorough onboarding and on-the-job training are more crucial than ever to make sure new and existing employees are able to keep operations running smoothly."

Onboarding and Ongoing Training is Key

35% of new deskless employees quit within the first year. 

When asked how important the onboarding process is for a new deskless employee, 69% of respondents chose “very important”, stating that without proper onboarding new hires would most likely fail to execute their roles correctly.

Despite the fact that 64% of companies continue to provide training at least once every six months even after new hires have completed onboarding, 32% of companies have reported experiencing an accident due to improper training.

Research has shown that without follow-up training, employees will forget nearly 100% of what they learned after 30 days. This phenomenon is called the forgetting curve. 32% of deskless employees admitted that they remembered less than half of their training after one month had gone by.

Ongoing training for deskless employees is crucial to employee retention and safety.

The full report can be found here: Onboarding deskless employees 2022


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