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Workers Rely on Employers to Make Them Feel Comfortable in Return to Work

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A new Randstad USA survey found that workers have health and safety concerns around returning to work. The survey revealed three main findings:

1.       73% of American workers are still concerned about workplace standards in the pandemic, and 71% want their employers to implement new sanitation practices.

2.       38% want their employers to require proof of vaccination before reopening the office, and 23% say not knowing their colleagues’ vaccination status is their biggest return-to-work worry.

3.       81% of workers say that they have not lost any productivity during the pandemic.

"After the uncertainty they've experienced over the last 18 months, American workers are signifying that they are still counting on their employers for stability and workplace safety," said Karen Fichuk, CEO of Randstad North America and Randstad N.V. executive board member. "Workers are looking to their employers for clear leadership in communicating the company's COVID-19 protocols and ensuring that all workers follow those standards - not always a simple task. This comes at a time when employers are juggling other priorities like implementing new benefits and enabling more flexible schedules, alongside recruitment and retention challenges amid the continued tight labor market."

The Future of Work

The majority of people also do not miss working in an office.

  • Most workers (62%) who were able to work off-site during the pandemic do not miss the office – though they do miss in-person interaction with colleagues.
  • Some good news…nearly three-in-four (73%) will not look for a new job if their boss mandates a return to the office full time.
  • 24% saying that flexible work hours are the most important work benefit.
  • 20% consider childcare benefits their top priority.

Employers will need to have safety measures in place and provide a flexible work environment in order to successfully bring employees back to the office.

As a reminder, ASE members have access to the ASE Contagious Diseases and Pandemic Toolkit via their member dashboard.  This valuable toolkit contains return to work resources such as:

·       Pandemic Response Plan template

·       Sample policies

o   Vaccination

o   Remote Work

o   Layoff

o   Cleaning

o   Contact Tracing

o   Isolation

o   Mask

o   PPE

o   Pandemic Dependent Care

o   Screening

o   Exposure

·       Best practices

·       Employee FAQs

·       CDC, OSHA, and state resource links

·       Form templates

o   Accommodation

o   Immunization waiver

o   Cleaning record

o   Screening

The kit also contains vendor and signage links as well as other resources for employers and their employees.


Source: Ranstad USA

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