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Sitting is Exhausting

desk stretchDo you ever wonder why you are so tired after working in the office all day?  You just sat, right?  Sitting is exhausting! But you can counteract the negative effects of sitting by adding movement throughout your day.

A recent study posted in the American Journal of Physiology found that standing up and moving for roughly three minutes every half an hour may mitigate the negative effects of over-sitting.  They found that even taking 15 steps during these short breaks can help with blood sugar control.

The study was conducted on middle aged office workers who were obese and at risk for Type 2 Diabetes.  Half of them continued their normal routine while half moved every 30 minutes throughout the day. The half that moved throughout the day saw lower fasting blood sugar levels and improved glucose levels throughout the day after just three weeks.  

Even if you go to the gym regularly, sitting all day can negate that activity. The good news is that adding more movement into your day can combat these effects.

Ways to Add More Movement Into Your Day

  • Take movement breaks
  • Pace the room while on a phone call
  • Take a walk during lunch
  • Do desk exercises
  • Try walking meetings
  • Take stretch breaks
  • Take the stairs
  • Sit on an exercise ball
  • Use a standing desk

A survey by Ergotron found that while 70% of full-time U.S. workers hate sitting, 86% do it all day, every day.  In addition to sitting at work, they:

  • Sit another 1-2 hours while watching TV (36%)
  • Game another 1-2 hours (10%)
  • Lounge for 1-2 hours for things such as reading (25%)
  • Use their home computer for 1-2 hours (29%)

By choosing to stand up, sit less, and move more we can all improve our health, mind, and body.

  •  Health – Standing more can lower your risk of serious health issues ranging from cancer to early mortality.
  • Mind – Standing more can increase your energy and productivity levels, lower your stress, and improve your mood.
  • Body – Standing more can boost your metabolism, tone muscles, and even reduce common aches and pains.

UHS Berkley created a flyer, 50 Tips to Move More at Work.  Download it here.




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