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C-Suites in HR – What Are the 3 Most Hired Positions?


In a recent LinkedIn review of over 100,000 U.S. hiring decisions involving people with “chief” in their job titles -- chief executive officer, chief operating officer, and chief finance officer remain the top three.  But it’s no surprise that chief diversity and inclusion officer saw the biggest gain of all hires at 111%, chief people officer came in as the 3rd most hired position at 61%, and chief talent officer at 36%. This ranking is a clear indicator of the shift in priorities in the workplace. 

DEI isn’t new, but many organizations had a wake-up call to reexamine their initiatives. Everyone in an organization is part of those initiatives, but realistically there needs to be someone or a group who sets the strategy and monitors the progress. For the DEI strategy to work, leadership must model the behavior to foster an equitable and inclusive workplace. Hiring a chief diversity and inclusion officer won’t miraculously change an organization overnight, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

The chief people officer (CPO) is the head of a more multifaceted HR department. Their job is to create the strategy and vision that help the company achieve long-term success. The CPO acts as the architect for the company’s talent strategy, corporate-culture, and employee engagement.

The chief talent officer (CTO) is the person who’s responsible for recruiting, hiring, developing, and retaining the people you need. The CTO sets a strategic vision and priorities for all talent-related work. They design systems to mitigate bias in hiring, cultivate relationships to build a talent pipeline, keep an eye on short- and long-term staffing needs, and help hiring managers bring in great talent and develop a succession plan.

These C-suite positions are surging and reflect today’s reality.  It has gone from personnel to HR and now people operations. No matter what you call it, HR is at the head of the table. Some see this as a paradigm shift where organizations realize that their people are their number one asset.  Compliance and processes are still obviously necessary, but it is important for organizations to merge that side of HR with focusing on the strategy of hiring, training, professional development, performance management, and organizational culture.



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