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ASE Releases Results to the 2024 Holiday Schedule & Practices Survey

Troy, MI – September 26, 2023 --- ASE, one of the nation’s oldest and largest employer associations, has released its annual Holiday Schedule & Practices Survey.  This year’s survey assesses an organization’s policies and practices related to holiday leave and pay practices associated with time worked during recognized holidays.

Highlights of the ASE 2024 Holiday Schedule & Practices Survey include:

  • Most organizations (25%) surveyed reported offering 10 paid holidays each year. 14% reported offering 11 paid holidays each year.
    • The most common paid holidays include New Year’s Day (100%), Memorial Day (99%), Independence Day (100%), Labor Day (100%), Thanksgiving Day (100%), and Christmas Day (100%).
    • 21% of employers reported Juneteenth as a paid holiday, compared to just 12% last year.
  • Regarding holiday pay for employees that are part-time, data has shifted slightly since last year. 22% of employers reported that part-time employees are given the day off with pro-rated pay (up four percentage points from last year) and 41% of employers reported that part-time employees are not given holiday pay (up five percentage points from last year).
  • Up two percentage points from last year, 70% of employers plan on having an in-person holiday party at the end of the year.

The ASE 2024 Holiday Schedule & Practices Survey findings were announced by ASE President and CEO, Mary E. Corrado. “The year-over-year data changes showed minimal differences, yet we did observe a significant uptick in the number of companies offering Juneteenth as a paid holiday, which is now a federal holiday.”

 Background information on the ASE 2024 Holiday Schedule & Practices Survey

211 organizations participated. Organizations with 100 employees or less nationally made up approximately 43% of the survey sample, while organizations with 101-499 employees nationally represented roughly 40% of the sample. The remaining 17% of the sample came from organizations with more than 500 employees.  A variety of industries have been represented in the survey, with durable goods manufacturing (39%) leading the pack. Trades and services (22%) were the second-largest industry representation.

This survey is available at no cost to ASE Members via the ASE Member Dashboard. It is available for $415 for non-member participants and for $825 for non-member non-participants.  Request to purchase here.

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