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ASE Releases New Employer COVID-19 Business Impact Survey Findings – Few Employers Will Mandate the Vaccine

Media Contact: Heather Nezich, Communications Manager, 248.223.8040, [email protected]

Troy, MI --- February 16, 2021 --- ASE, Michigan’s largest employer association, has released the results of its most recent COVID-19 Business Impact Survey.  The survey, launched on February 3, 2021 assessed employers’ plans around COVID-19 vaccination, return-to-work, and the business impact of the pandemic.

Specific highlights from the COVID-19 Business Impact Survey include the following:


  • Among the 165 employers surveyed, just one organization indicated that they will require employees to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.  Slightly more than 60% indicated they will encourage employees to receive the vaccine.  Nearly 40% have no formal plans to encourage or mandate their employees receive the vaccine.
  • Of the employers who plan to take formal steps to encourage employees to receive the vaccine, most (80.2%) cited plans to use existing communication tools to provide education around the vaccine.  Nearly 70% suggested that they will leverage communication from organizational leadership to encourage vaccination.
  • Fewer than 20% of those surveyed will provide paid time off to get a vaccine and just 4% will provide some form of incentive (i.e., cash or non-cash).


  • Given the protracted spread of the virus, just 19% of employers have set a specific date for a return-to-work.

Remote Work

  • The pandemic will likely have a lasting impact on remote work.  Nearly 30% of those surveyed indicated they will have more employees working remotely in the future because of the pandemic.
  • Just over 52% report that some staff will work remotely on a regular full-time basis after the pandemic if their job allows it.

Business Impact

  • Nearly 20% of organizations surveyed report that they’ve reduced hiring within the last three months.  Another 8.5% are considering hiring reductions.
  • The largest cost cutting measure appears to be a reduction in corporate travel (73.3%).  Nearly 30% have cut training budgets.

As COVID-19 vaccines begin to roll out, employers are now considering what their role will be in the U.S. immunization strategy.  It is clear from this survey that few employers are taking the step to mandate the vaccine as a condition of employment or a return to work. 

“We typically see vaccine mandates in specific industries, so we are not surprised by these results.  That said, employers can still play a role in ensuring employees are informed about their options,” stated Mary E. Corrado, ASE President and CEO.   

For employer resources on handling the COVID-19 pandemic and for daily updates, please visit  The complete survey report is also available on this page.

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