ASE announces the 2023 Michigan Pay & Economic Briefing to take place June 6, 2023 in Troy, MI - American Society of Employers - Heather Nezich

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ASE announces the 2023 Michigan Pay & Economic Briefing to take place June 6, 2023 in Troy, MI

Media Contact: Heather Nezich, ASE, 248.223.8040, [email protected]

Troy, Mich. ---April 26, 2023 --- ASE, Michigan’s trusted partner for Everything HR, announces its Michigan Pay & Economic Briefing will take place June 6, 2023, in Troy, MI.

This informative half-day briefing will provide valuable insight required to meet the important labor and economic challenges facing employers today.  In addition to hearing the results of the 2023 ASE Compensation Survey, hear from experts that include Economic Futurist, Andrew Busch and Payscale's Chief Product Officer, Russ Wakelin.

ASE President & CEO, Mary E. Corrado, announced the conference and stated, “With so many factors affecting today’s economy and workforce, it’s important for employers to stay up to date with the latest information.  This briefing will include results from ASE’s 2023 Compensation Survey as well as an economic trends forecast and information on how to prepare for pay transparency in Michigan.”

The briefing will take place from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and will include breakfast followed by three sessions:

Andrew Busch, Economic Futurist

The War in the Ukraine, soaring inflation, spiking interest rates, and supply chains crashing, are all examples of how fast the world is changing.

The world is going to see more economic change in the next five years than we have seen in the last 100 years. How did we get here? More importantly, where do we go from here?

Andrew will provide the context needed to understand the forces at work creating momentum for change in the economy and your business. He will look at where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going with the economy.

Walk away with updates on supply chains, inflation, and the economy; key trends affecting the economy such as AI; and new growth opportunities.


Kevin Marrs, Vice President, ASE

Join us for an informative session on the results of the ASE Compensation Survey. This session will explore the year-over-year changes in wages and salaries and provide useful insights into the current state of compensation in Michigan. Additionally, the session will also highlight macroeconomic conditions that impact compensation and will use data from various sources to provide a comprehensive picture of wage developments both nationally and regionally. This session is a must-attend for anyone interested in staying ahead of the curve when it comes to compensation trends. Don't miss out on discovering how current economic challenges will impact compensation, and what steps can be taken to navigate these changes.


Russ Wakelin, Chief Product Officer, Payscale

Laws are passing across the U.S. requiring employers to post pay on job descriptions. Few employers are ready for this level of transparency. In this session, Russ Wakelin from Payscale will uncover how to respond and how to embed transparency in your compensation practices. He will share research on pay transparency trends and explain why pay transparency is as much a conversation about value as it is pay.  Attendees will come away with a better understanding of how to plan for and adjust to these new realities.

For more details or to register, please visit Early bird pricing is available through May 1, 2023.

To learn about sponsorship opportunities, please email Nick Corrado at [email protected].

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