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ASE and Wheelhouse Partner to Provide Innovative Cancer Benefits to ASE Members

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Heather Nezich, Communications Manager, ASE, [email protected], 248-223-8040
Benjamin Frank, CEO, CancerAlly, [email protected]

Troy, MI – May 1, 2023 – ASE has partnered with Wheelhouse to bring CancerAlly, a cancer benefits program, to ASE member employers. The CancerAlly program partners with a cancer survivor’s HR department to determine a plan that benefits both the employer and employee – resulting in increased retention and productivity during and after cancer treatment.

With over eighteen million people affected by cancer in the U.S., roughly eight million are of working age. This number is only expected to grow. A cancer diagnosis changes who a person is, what they value, and how they want to spend their time. Connecting CancerAlly to a workforce shows that an employer takes proactive steps to reduce the financial, physical, and mental burden of cancer.

“ASE is very pleased to welcome Wheelhouse as our newest partner. They will bring much value to our members in their effort to provide care and compassion to employees going through what is likely a life-altering battle,” stated ASE President & CEO Mary E. Corrado.

Employee turnover is extremely expensive, sometimes double the position’s salary, so the retention of these employees is crucial to employers who want an engaged workforce for employees returning to work after cancer.

“We are extremely excited to work with the over 700 employer groups in the state of Michigan to provide these essential cancer benefits,” says Ben Frank, CEO of Wheelhouse. “This partnership will expand access to the crucial support cancer survivors need to thrive in the workplace.”

To learn more about what this partnership brings to ASE members, please fill out this form or download this brochure.

About Wheelhouse
Wheelhouse provides cancer benefits that improve productivity, curb incident rates, increase employee satisfaction, and improve outcomes to broad communities of people. With over 20 years in the oncology field, Wheelhouse knows firsthand the gaps in the traditional healthcare system and how the growing population of people impacted by cancer gets lost in the workforce. Now offering the CancerAlly program, Wheelhouse provides support with other trusted cancer survivors, return-to-work plans, and tailored cancer screening programs to help cancer survivors thrive. Learn more at

About ASE
ASE is Michigan’s trusted partner for Everything HR.  Celebrating 120 years of service, ASE is a non-profit, membership organization – everything we do is based on the needs of members and to drive the success of their organizations.  ASE strengthens organization's HR departments by offering member benefits and discounted services that span the entire employee lifecycle including recruitment, development, and retention while minimizing compliance risk. We provide our members guidance through new legislation and workplace issues such as those that occurred with the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about ASE at


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