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So Little Time – So Much to Do

Do you ever feel like you have more things to do than there is time to do them? You’re not alone. It can be tough to maintain productivity when you are managing multiple tasks. recently published a list of seven task management tips that I found very insightful and helpful.

  1. Know Your Chronotype – I have never heard the term “chronotype.” It’s basically recognizing whether you are a morning person or a night owl.  Personally, I am a morning person! I definitely schedule my most important tasks earlier in the day. However, many people are night owls and do their best work later in the day.  This is why flexible scheduling is so important versus holding employees to set times.
  2. Create a Priority List – The article refers to utilizing the “Eisenhower Matrix” to set your priority list. This matrix divides tasks into four categories: urgent and important, not urgent but important, urgent but unimportant, and not urgent and unimportant. Base your priority list order on your chronotype.
  3. Eat the Frog! – This metaphor refers to tackling your most challenging task in the morning in order to avoid procrastination. You might also consider scheduling that most important task according to your chronotype though. EPTW recently wrote on “eating the frog” – read that article here: Always Eat the Frog First.
  4. Utilize Parkinson’s Law – This is the theory that work expands to fill the time allotted for its completion. We often put off tasks that seem overwhelming until we are up against a deadline.  Instead, break down that large task or project into several smaller tasks and set deadlines for each task. 
  5. Try Single Tasking – Most of us multi-task but it’s been shown that multi-tasking actually decreases productivity and increases burn out. Try devoting yourself to completing one task before beginning another task.  Of course, you might not be able to finish a longer, more detailed task, but you can still devote a set amount of time to work on that task on any given day.  You’ll likely find that you are more focused and do better work.
  6. Automate or Delegate Mundane Tasks – When possible, you may be able to delegate tasks that fall into the “not urgent and unimportant” category.  And with today’s technology you might even be able to automate some of them. One great example is an app we use called Hootsuite.  With Hootsuite you can preschedule your social media posts and place multiple posts at one time.  This allows us to complete this daily task just once a week.
  7. Use the Right Take Management Software – There are several software options for task management.  Some are more complex than others.  Assess your needs or your team’s needs before you begin comparing software. Also consider what you might already have available to you through apps such as Microsoft Teams.

I love to-do lists! Checking them off makes me feel productive. How do you keep yourself on task? Email me your tips at [email protected].


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