Handbook Development Discounts For Members

Developing an effective employee handbook is absolutely critical in today’s legally charged employment atmosphere. An effective handbook not only introduces your organization and its employment and business philosophy to your employees, it also communicates your employment policies, procedures, benefits, and compensation programs.

Unwritten and uncommunicated policies lead to inconsistent and arbitrary treatment of employees. This condition triggers employment discrimination complaints and increase the chances of union organizing at your organization.

ASE can assist you by reviewing and updating your current handbook or developing a new one. This service includes the following:

  • Auditing your organization's handbook policies 
  • Ensuring the handbook contains all necessary and updated legal notices and disclaimers 
  • Avoiding conflicting policy statements that cause confusion and may lead to legal challenges
  • Recommending a complete set of policy statements that positively presents your organization to its employees 
  • Developing reader-friendly language to explain your policies and procedures
  • Designing a straightforward layout that facilitates reader-friendliness and ease of future editing 
ASE members enjoy the exceptional support for developing, or reviewing and updating, their employee handbooks. BECOME A MEMBER AND SAVE TODAY