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Labor Law Posters

Labor Law Posters

Are your labor law posters compliant?

ASE has established a partnership with GovDocs, one of the largest providers of labor law posters in the country. ASE members receive a 15% discount rate on all poster purchases. ASE offers organizations simple solutions to the complex issues of mandatory postings required under state and federal law. Our labor law posters ensure that you are in full compliance.

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Notifier Service for Poster Updates

We also will be using an email notification service to keep all ASE members informed of changing state and federal mandatory labor laws and required postings. This service, referred to as “Notifier,” will promote compliance while eliminating time needed to research legislated changes. Notifier emails will contain information about specific labor law posting changes if your locations are affected by a mandatory change. The Notifier email also will contain a link for you to obtain the updated posting at ASE’s member discounted rate. These emails will be sent only once per month to members in states impacted by a mandatory change.

In order to determine whether your GovDoc posters are the most current, click this link to take you to the GovDoc web page showing the most current updates. The revision date of a current GovDocs State-on-One or Federal-on-One poster should be on or after the date listed on the webpage.

If you have questions, please contact: For GovDocs-related questions, please visit the GovDocs website or call customer service at 1-888-273-3274. For ASE member poster-related questions, please email Kevin Marrs at or call 248.223.8025.



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Download ASE's Federal and State (Michigan) Poster Checklist to ensure your organization is poster compliant.


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