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Compensation & Benefits Benchmark Surveys

ASE collects and analyzes data from hundreds of employers of all sizes and industries throughout Michigan.  These reports provide valuable in-depth insights into compensation, policies and benefits and more, allowing your organization to make informed decisions with relevant data provided by local employers.  New members and member participants receive these surveys at no additional cost.  ASE members also have access to additional survey features that provide opportunities for greater customization of data reports through online tools or access to the ASE survey department.

Compensation – ASE is the most recognized source for employer-reported compensation data in the State of Michigan.  Our local compensation survey contains data on over 400 job titles across 36 job families including Accounting/Financial, Engineering, Human Resources, Information Technology and others.

Policies & Benefits – ASE conducts two surveys which contain detailed information on employee policy and benefit programs, including health and welfare benefits, pay practices, working conditions, paid time off, and more.

ASE, in partnership with the Employer Associations of America (EAA), has been producing reliable and comprehensive national surveys for employers for decades. Compensation benchmark data for over 200 positions ranging from sales to executive level is reported, as well as business trends, policies & benefits, and more.

ASE produces a variety of policy and practice surveys for a wide variety of total rewards and HR practices. Survey data includes business and employment trends, turnover rates, holidays, and compensation budgeting. This quality, company-reported data provides insights to support your business strategy and drive performance.

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