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ASE Sales Academy

A comprehensive, 30-hour sales academy for new or seasoned sales professionals.

ASE Sales Academy

What used to work in sales doesn’t anymore. The work from home & hybrid home/office work environments bring on new challenges for salespeople. Everyone is fighting for your prospects' & customers' attention. Salespeople need to learn how to cut through the clutter and separate themselves from the competition. This academy will teach participants how to get through to prospects and stay in control of the sales process. 

If you and your salespeople do quotes upon quotes only to HOPE for the business, this is for you! Participants will learn to qualify and disqualify all sales opportunities properly and determine when a quote is appropriate and how to follow up on that quote to produce a sale.

The ASE Sales Academy is ideal for salespeople, sales managers, inside sales, project managers, sales engineers, customer service, and all personnel that “touch the sale.”

Upon completion of this 30‐hour (3‐month) course, the learner will understand:

  • How to prospect for new business opportunities
  • How to set expectations with prospects and current customers (No more Quote & Hope)
  • How to get to reality quickly (Is this really an opportunity?)
  • How to qualify and/or disqualify the opportunity (Asking all the questions – even the tough ones)
  • How to upgrade referrals to pre‐qualified introductions
  • How to improve negotiating skills
  • How to understand the prospect/customer and how they communicate

The academy also includes one hour of one‐on‐one sales coaching and a personal DiSC assessment.


Spring 2023 Schedule

All sessions will be held at ASE in Troy, MI.

Class Schedule:

March 21, 2023 (9am-12pm) Half Day
March 28, 2023 (9am-12pm) Half Day
April 13, 2023 (9am-12pm) Half Day
April 20, 2023 (9am-4pm) Full day
April 25, 2023 (9am-12pm) Half Day
May 2, 2023 (9am-12pm) Half Day
May 11, 2023 (9am-4pm) Full day
May 18, 2023 (9am-12pm) Half Day

Fall 2023 Schedule

All sessions will be held at ASE in Troy, MI.

Class Schedule:

October 12, 2023 (9am-12pm) Half Day
October 17, 2023 (9am-12pm) Half Day
October 19, 2023 (9am-12pm) Half Day
October 24, 2023 (9am-12pm) Half Day
October 26, 2023 (9am-12pm) Half Day
November 1, 2023 (9am-12pm) Half Day
November 8, 2023 (9am-4pm) Full day
November 15, 2023 (9am-4pm) Full day

Course Outline

Session 1: The Prospect/Salesperson Game

  • Overview of how companies buy (the prospect’s strategy for buying - buyer psychology)
  • The Dump & Chase
  • Overview of a system that keeps you in control - Sales Coaches’ Corner Selling System

Session 2: Ground Rules/Setting Expectations

  • Time? Their Plan? Your Plan? What’s Next?
  • Get to reality - no wishy-washy words - When to “let go of a deal” 
  • Quote/No Quote decisions - Blow it up or make it happen - saying “No” to an opportunity
  • Potential Deal Killers (PDKs) 

Session 3: Qualifying Questions

  • Uncover PAIN instead of coughing up features & benefits (Dump) - Understand your industry PAIN points
  • Open-ended vs. close-ended questions - Emotional vs. intellectual words
  • Coach’s knock out questions
  • Uncovering the Budget - no money, no sale - Getting to the Decision makers
  • Measure commitment & determine next steps

Session 4: Phone and Email Skills

  • Phone tips
  • Voicemail messages
  • Subject lines
  • Business email etiquette

Session 5: People Skills

  • Help people become comfortable with you
  • Where to sit
  • Dress for success
  • Mirror & Matching

Session 6: Referrals and Introductions

  • Self-generated leads
  • Turn referrals into pre-qualified introductions
  • Quad method of introductions

Session 7: Negotiation Skills

  • Identify negotiating styles through the use of an assessment tool
  • Describe the common negotiating styles
  • Discuss the stages of negotiations
  • Identify skills that are relevant to professional negotiations
  • Practice using skills with interactive activities

Session 8: Comprehending and Adapting to Behavioral Styles (DiSC)

  • Discuss the strengths, limitations and optimal environments of the four basic behavioral styles
  • Identify your behavioral style and its effect on co-worker and customer attitudes, perceptions and outcomes
  • Recognize and appreciate different personalities, their behaviors and the strengths they bring to your team/organization
  • Manage your personal style by maximizing your strengths and controlling your limitations
  • Practice proven strategies for successfully “adapting” your style in a work-related interaction

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