Succession Planning Discounts For Members

Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing internal talent to assume leadership roles as current leaders transition out of those roles.  Succession planning is crucial in order to avoid an organizational crisis when someone in a key role leaves.

Both small and large companies can benefit from succession planning.

Key advantages for employers include:

  • You will always have prepared employees to step into roles as your company grows. A lack of qualified employees will not hinder your growth plans.

  • Having employees on hand and ready to step up allows you to make quick organizational changes as necessary.

  • By sharing knowledge of qualified candidates within the organization across leadership, managers have a wider number of candidates for any open position.

  • As baby boomers retire, you can be preparing the generation underneath them to replace them.

Key advantages to employees include:

  • Employees know that a larger role awaits them which boosts self-esteem and self-respect as well as increases employee engagement and retention.

  • Having a succession planning program in place encourages employees to develop their careers.

  • It allows employees to be prepared for a promotion when the opportunity arises.

  • It allows the employee to know his/her skills are being shared organization-wide so that other manager know about them when an opening occurs.

ASE can help you create succession plans and identify internal talent for key roles within your organization.  Prepare now for impending vacancies in order to avoid losing key historical knowledge and struggling to fill a key role.


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