Strategic Planning Discounts For Members

Creating a strategic plan takes time and energy, but it is essential in providing an overarching roadmap to an organization’s success.

Strategic plans define an organization’s direction.  Typical strategic plans span one to three years and provide guidance and structure for attaining business goals based on mission, vision, or purpose of an organization.

The strategic planning process involves gathering data, holding management meetings to analyze and assess the data, developing outputs to describe how the organization’s goals will be implemented, and determining and managing outcomes.

ASE can assist in this process by:

  • Managing the strategic plan process
  • Creating the strategic plan
  • Assisting in the update of a current strategic plan

The benefits of creating a strategic plan include:

  • Consensus on key issues and strategies to address them
  • Prioritized goals
  • Increased management control of strategic initiatives
  • Allows an organization to be proactive rather than reactive
  • Establishes a company-wide direction

Strategic planning can have an immediate positive impact on your organization and creates unity among leadership, management, and core staff.


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