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Standardize Your Interview Process

Having a standardized interview system allows your organization to equally and fairly compare candidates.  In addition, questions can be mapped depending on the position, so that you are more likely to find the best candidate by asking the right questions.

Polaris Interview Management System

ASE has partnered with Polaris Assessment Systems, Inc. to provide The Polaris Interview Management System (PIMS), an integrated, customizable interview suite that enables organizations to create, support, and facilitate standardization in their interview practices. PIMS is cloud-based, available 24/7, and consists of two integrated components that can be used individually or together: 

Component 1 - Effective Interviewer Training Program

The Effective Interviewer Training Program consists of five core modules that address various aspects of effective interviewing. All modules are written to provide “just the facts” for interviewing best practices.

Module 1: Introduction, Legal Considerations and Competency Identification:  
Module 2: Constructing the Interview 
Module 3: Conducting the Interview – Basics 
Module 4: Conducting the Interview – Special Topics
Module 5: Evaluating Candidates

The Polaris Effective Interviewer Training Program has been pre-approved for 1 HR (General) credit hour of re-certification through the HR Certification Institute. 

Component 2 - Question Library And Guide Builder

PIMS currently contains more than 700 structured interview questions with associated probing questions to assist interviewers in identifying a candidate’s suitability for the job. Each question in the PIMS library is flagged for suitability in interviews for a variety of job levels, and conforms to one of three formats:

Behavioral Consistency Questions
Behavioral consistency questions focus on past situations that can provide information about candidates’ relevant behavioral tendencies. 

Hypothetical Situation Questions
Hypothetical situation questions present candidates with a brief description of a situation similar to ones found on the job and then ask them what they would do. 

Immersion Scenarios
Immersions scenarios are mini-simulations that can be embedded into an organization’s interview process to allow interviewers to directly observe candidates’ demonstration of critical job skills (e.g., selling a product or service, analyzing data, generating process improvement ideas).



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