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Empower Your Employees in 2021

2020 was a rough year.  We’ve all been working hard to stay motivated.  Research suggests that employees excel when they feel empowered, and I feel that is so important right now.  Creating a sense of empowerment in employees takes effort from leadership. Leaders must truly get to know and understand their employees.  Managers should understand what uniquely motivates and empowers each of their employees.

I recently read an article on FastCompany.com where they spoke with the former co-CEO of Chipotle.  He outlines five key actions that create a culture of empowerment:

Connect With Your People

Connecting with employees is key to developing a trusting relationship.  Employees need to know you are there to support them and are committed to helping them be the best version of themselves. Make a sincere effort to connect.

Inspire Employees with a Vision

Employees need to know that their work is important and contributing to a larger business goal. Research has shown that leaders who inspire and encourage their employees rather than simply focusing on the bottom line ignite creativity and motivation in their employees.

Instill Confidence in Your People

Confidence and empowerment go hand in hand. Be sure to acknowledge a job well done.  This creates confidence in your employees.  Recognize employees when they do something great and challenge them with increasing responsibility.  If they’ve shown they can excel, continue to challenge them.  This will feed their confidence and motivation.  Employees thrive on the ability to continually grow within their current position and within the organization.

Teach Them to Make Each Other Better

Teach employees how satisfying it is to help their coworkers achieve success.  Encourage employees to share their individual strengths with others. It not only creates stronger teams, but it empowers employees to make themselves and each other better.

Share What’s Going On

I believe very strongly in clear, transparent communication with employees. If employees are kept in the dark, they will never feel empowered. Share both the positive and the negative. Employees want to be in the know and doing so will empower them to contribute to change within the organization. How can an employee come up with new ideas for a challenge if they are not aware of the challenge the organization is facing?  Trust your employees and keep them informed. It will pay off in the end and create a sense of value.

How do you empower your employees?  Email me at mcorrado@aseonline.org or share your methods of empowerment on our new ASE Community page.  We can all learn from each other by sharing our experiences.


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