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How Leadership Will Change for the Future of Work

This pandemic has shifted how organizations operate. And while many of the changes can be seen as temporary, many of them are likely here to stay. We’ll likely never go back to what we used to consider normal.  The shift to remote work has had and will continue to have a profound impact on organizations and how we lead our employees.

A recent article on outlined several ways in which leadership’s mindset will need to change for the future of work:

1.       Encourage engagement from afar. Over the next 10 years, employee engagement will likely be redefined. Management will need to develop new ways for employees to build meaningful relationships.  Virtual meetings are here to stay for the long haul.

2.       Rethink hiring, management, training, and beyond. Questions to think about for the future include:

a.       How can you utilize technology to automate employee training?

b.       How can you improve your hiring process to ensure you are finding the best fit?

c.       With remote work, can you leverage more contract workers vs. full-time?

3.       Allow more, not less, employee freedom.  For industries that can continue to support remote employees, doing so will give them a competitive advantage. Many employees now prefer this and will seek it out.  In addition to providing a competitive advantage, it also allows for a more diverse talent pool since you can look outside your geographical area.

4.       Focus on the quality of work – not hours worked.  The quality of work is much more important than the hours it took to get there.  The days of 9-5 work are gone.  Allowing employees to work during their peak performance times of day and not clock watching will achieve better results with improved productivity.

5.       Find new ways to promote serendipitous creativity. Without a physical workspace in many cases, leaders must come up with new ways to promote spontaneous conversation and brainstorming.  This is often where the best ideas are developed. Part of this includes encouraging employees to step away from their desk throughout the day – whether that desk is at home or in an office.


How have you changed your leadership style as a result of the pandemic and remote work?  Email me at


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