Webinar: Organizational Retirement Preperation - American Society of Employers - Heather Nezich
Webinar: Organizational Retirement Preperation

Webinar: Organizational Retirement Preperation

With the increasing number of retirees, organizations are finding it difficult to navigate the retirement process leading to an increase in skills gaps, impacting organizational effectiveness and goal attainment.  Attendees will learn how to:

  • Forecast workforce needs and prepare employees for retirement.
  • Prepare the employee for exit and ensure a smooth transition of work and knowledge transfer.
  • Successfully offboard and continue relationships with retired employees.

HR acts as a partner to the organization and its retirees to bridge the gaps left behind as retirees depart. During this webinar, McLean & Company will go through their latest blueprint, Organizational Retirement Preparation Guide, and do a walkthrough of the tools and templates available to help standardize the retirement process and ensure a smooth transition for retiring employees and the organization.

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