Harness the Power of Leadership

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Leader Dogs for the Blind

9:00-4:30 PM

Leader Dogs for the Blind offers a unique one-day leadership and team-building experience unlike any other. The presenter is an executive who is blind, who tells his story of overcoming obstacles and breaking down barriers as he moved “forward” to be incredibly successful professionally and personally. His success was achieved using a set of powerful tools, which are taught in this program, and ASE is happy to bring this innovative experience to our members.

Participants will be put through a number of activities, including blindfolded walks with Leader Dogs, so they can practice and learn lessons presented throughout the day, including:

• Value of Trust
• Pushback vs. Intelligent Disobedience
• Strategic Planning
• Feedback & Recognition

Upon completion of the course, attendees will be able to describe the Harness the Power of Leadership Model and the working tools of meaningful guidance, hyper-value recognition, and introspective Clarification, and identify ways to apply the Harness the Power of Leadership Model in their work environment.

This course is ideal for any entry- or mid-level leaders.

Fees: $300 members; $375 nonmembers

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